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[How to make buckwheat buns]_Buckwheat buns_How to make_Making method

銆 愯 崬 楹 湹 ﹂ 擶 inch 殑 餭 抭 璆 銆 Drilling for the harm of 棣 掑 恑 _ ご _ pick up 宝 箞 魘 鍒 多 綔 珂珂 珶
棣掑ご鏄敓娲讳腑甯歌绮楃伯锛岃崬楹﹂澶村ぇ瀹跺苟涓嶉檶鐢燂紝鑽為害棣掑ご鏄湪棣掑ご鐨勫熀纭€涓婂姞鍏ヤ簡鑽為害銆傝€岃崬楹﹂澶寸殑鍋氭硶涔熸湁寰堝銆備竴鑸儏鍐典笅锛屽湪鍋氳崬楹﹂澶寸殑鏃跺€欏彧瑕佹敞鎰忕伀鍊欙紝灏辨病浠€涔堝ぇ闂浜嗐€?1.鍋氭硶涓€鍑嗗濂借崬楹﹂潰绮夛紝鏀惧ソ閰垫瘝鍚庯紝鎻夋垚闈㈠洟锛岀洊涓婄罕甯冿紝绛変粬鍙戦叺锛屾湁铚傜獫鐘跺氨鏄彂濂藉挴锛屽皢闈㈠垏鎴愪竴涓釜宸笉澶氬ぇ灏忕殑鍓傚瓙锛屾斁鍏ラ攨涓捀锛岃捀7鍒嗛挓灏卞ソ浜嗐€?2.鍋氭硶浜屽噯澶囬鏉愶紝閰垫瘝鍔犳俯姘村寲寮€锛岄潰绮夊姞椴滅墰濂跺拰鍖栧紑鐨勯叺姣嶆按鍜屾垚闈㈠洟锛岀洊涓婄洊瀛愬彂閰佃嚦2鍊嶅ぇ灏忥紝妗堟澘鏀惧叆闈㈢矇锛屾妸鍙戦叺濂介潰鍥㈡弶鍖€骞舵帓姘旓紝鍒嗘垚澶у皬涓€鏍风殑闈㈠洟锛屾妸闈㈠洟鎻夊寑鍋氭垚鍦嗙殑棣掑ご锛屽彂閰?0 闒 旓 宸 ﹀ 姄 撨 捨 卨 姭 姭 姤 庴 嘌 呯 倪 欩 錾 匾 匯 婾 匾 僕 卾 婂 刋 僕What are you talking about? 13: What’s the difference?闒 嗛 掓 鎻  洊 鍗 冲 割 銆?3.What’s wrong with the pot? ╂Press it?0 闒 掛: The tweezer worm field is not so easy to find. It ‘s easy to drill. It ‘s very difficult to get sick of the village. The chain is so damaging.100g Mongolian, 150g Mongolian 150g Adorable?g 鐩?g Adorable?g: It ‘s hard to do it, and it ‘s going to hurt you. You ‘re going to sleep. It ‘s not easy to do it. It ‘s very difficult to do it, and it ‘s very difficult to do it.栧 瓙 Adorable?-3灏忔椂锛屽湪鍙戦叺濂界殑闈㈠洟涓婂啀鍔犲叆鐧界硸3g锛屾弶鍚堝潎鍖€锛屽啀鍔犲皯閲忔墜绮夛紝闃查潰鍥㈢矘杩烇紝灏嗚崬楹﹂澶寸敓鑳氭斁鍦ㄥ埛浜嗘补鐨勮捀绗奸噷閱掑彂20鍒嗛挓锛岀敤涓ぇ鐏捀20鍒嗛挓What are you talking about?鍒嗛挓锛屽啀鎻攨鐩栥€?

[How to deal with big bamboo shoots?

】 _Bamboo shoots_How to deal_Processing method

[How to deal with big bamboo shoots?
】 _Bamboo shoots_How to deal_Processing method

Bamboo shoots are actually a kind of food that people can eat, and the nutritional value of bamboo shoots is very high. It can be made into a delicious substitute with other ingredients or taken alone.

Of course, sometimes the bamboo shoots we bought back are still very big, so there are two problems. How do you deal with the big bamboo shoots?

Fresh spring bamboo shoots are soaked in water to remove astringency. After peeling and slicing fresh spring bamboo shoots, put them in a pot and boil for about 15 minutes.

How long to cook depends on the tenderness of the bamboo shoots).

Then pick it up and soak it in water, and change the water every three or four hours. The bamboo shoots are relatively thin and can be eaten for about a day. Thicker bamboo shoots may take two days to completely deodorize.

Note that if the cooked bamboo shoots are not finished in time, you must drain the water from the bamboo shoots every day and replace the water.

Peel and slice the fresh bamboo shoots, soak the bamboo shoots in rice wine for 5 minutes, and rinse them with water. This will remove the astringency and maintain the tenderness of the bamboo shoots.

Salting also has astringent effect.

Freshly chopped or dried bamboo shoots are salted for about 4 hours.

After salting, pour out the brine, then rinse it with water, then soak it with water, and change the water once every three or four hours. Generally, it can be eaten about a day.

How to peel fresh bamboo shoots Peel the fresh bamboo shoots one by one from the root, which is the thicker end.

The outer shell with the sharper tip does not need to be removed (when holding the part that can be moved). Do fresh bamboo shoots need to be watered?Stir in boiling water for 3 minutes before frying to decompose most of the oxalic acid in the fresh bamboo shoots. This will not only affect the absorption of calcium, will remove the astringency and improve the taste, but also fry until the bamboo shoots are fully cooked.Further decompose oxalic acid.

[How to eat radish]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat radish]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Radish is the most common vegetable in life, and there are many types of radish. Different types of radish have different benefits to people’s health. The nutritional value of radish is very high. Regular eating radish can prevent a lot ofDiseases, such as coronary heart disease, gallstones, etc., are usually eaten in a lot of ways. Stew soup, fried directly or eat some meatloaf, taste and nutrition are very rich.

How to eat radish and how to use the radish wire geoduck soup, the main ingredients are 5 geoducks and 1 kg of ribs.

Appropriate amount of shredded radish.

Seasoning shallots and ginger.

The right amount of salt.

Step 1. Wash the geoduck, remove the internal organs and black lines (you can ask a seafood stall hawker for help).

2. After the pork ribs are cleaned, the soup is cooked, and then the radish is shredded, and about half of it is enough.

3. Put a small amount of oil in the pot and sauté the onion and ginger.

4. Then add the radish and stir fry for a while.

5. Pour pork rib soup (only soup).

6, the soup is boiled until boiled.

7. Add a small amount of salt to the pot for seasoning, and then pour geoduck into it. The time is not too long, and you can turn off the heat for a short while.

8. Let’s boil for a while.

Tips 1.

Geoduck is a kind of seafood, and it is relatively high-grade, so it is very delicious in itself, so there is no need to add seasoning such as MSG or chicken essence.


Geoducks should not be cooked for a long time, which will affect the taste.

Geoduck’s nutritional value Geoduck has a high meat production rate of 60% -70%, of which the main edible part is the aqueduct muscle, which accounts for 30% -35% of the total food consumption, containing 81 kcal per 100 gramsProtein 14.

4 grams, aunt 1.

3 grams, with high nutritional value.

The practice of lamb Daquan Lamb roasted radish (300 g), white radish (half).

Seasoning onions (appropriate), salt (appropriate).

Raw soy sauce (20ML), cooking wine (30ML).

Secret braised sauce (20ML), sesame oil (20ML).

Step 1. Prepare all the materials.

2. Cut the mutton needed in this product into small pieces, then pour the onion and ginger slices into the water.

3, diced radish and onion for spare.

4. Wash the mutton to remove the floating foam, and use warm water when washing.

5. Put the lamb processed above and the radish cut in step 3 into an electric pressure cooker, and then add two tablespoons of sesame oil.

6. Two tablespoons of soy sauce.

7, two tablespoons of teriyaki sauce, no teriyaki sauce can be used.

8. Three tablespoons of cooking wine, add an appropriate amount of salt and stir well.

9. Select the meat key after power on.

10. Grind pepper powder after seasoning, and sprinkle with chopped parsley before serving.

The nutritional value of mutton mutton contains a lot of protein, and its content is higher than pork and beef, so it is also rich in minerals, including calcium and iron and vitamin C, and the content of these substances is alsoHigher than pork and beef.

Tip 1. Braised sauce can be replaced with braised soy sauce.

2. This method is very simple and used for three cups of chicken.

3. If the mutton is fatter, the amount of oil can be reduced.500 grams of fried radish meatballs with fresh radish, 250 grams of peeled pork belly, 5 grams of salt, 2 grams of soy sauce, 2 grams of wine, 75 grams of flour, 5 grams of green onion and ginger, and 500 grams of cooked lard (about 100 grams), 2 grams of pepper and salt, 2 grams of MSG.

Method 1: Wash the radish, peel off the skin, cut into hob pieces, place in a boiling water pot and simmer until the seven are ripe, remove the squeezed water, chop the ends with a knife, and place in a large bowl.

2. Wash and chop the pork, and add it to the radish bowl, then add the wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, flour, and some kind of water.

3. Heat the pan and simmer the cooked lard until it is 60% hot, knead the stuffing heart into small round pieces, put them into the pot one by one, and fry them until they are yellow and crusty.Just fine.

Be careful not to overcook the radishes. Cut them evenly and squeeze out the water.

Radish meatballs can be stored for several days at room temperature. They can be boiled, burned or broiled.

熘 Carrot balls 500g peanut oil (actual consumption 75g), 400g carrot, 100g water starch, 80g flour, 25g ground coriander, 10g soy sauce, 5g salt, 5g minced onion, 5g ginger, spiced3 grams of powder.

Production method 1.

Wash the carrots, cut them into shreds, chop them a few times, place them in a pot, sprinkle with the parsley powder, allspice, salt, flour, water starch, and stir into the filling.


Fill the small balls with the mixed filling into the oil pan and fry them into golden red. Remove the drained oil.


Set the wok on the fire and add 20 grams of peanut oil. After heating, add onion and ginger shabu-shabu, add soy sauce and salt, and add 300 grams of water. When it is boiled, add starch to the pan, add the balls and stirIt is even and slightly cooked.

Supor (002032): SEB boosts product brand growth

Supor (002032): SEB boosts product brand growth
Backed by the technology input of the SEB brand, the revenue performance has grown steadily. For the first time, it has covered the “buy” rating. Supor is backed by the technology and brand input of the SEB Group, which contributes to sustained and stable growth.In 杭州夜生活网 terms of domestic sales, the domestic kitchen small appliances field has a relatively stable competition pattern. Midea, Supor, and Jiuyang have a relatively leading market share in the three leading markets. In the field of cookware, the company actively expands its product line to guide consumer demand upgrades, or it will benefit from the cookware industryThe trend of diversified demand; in terms of export, thanks to the transfer of orders from the parent company to maintain a steady growth, the synergy between Supor and SEB will be improved in the future, and it is expected that there is broad room for improvement in export.In addition, due to the parent company’s high-end products and brands injected and nurtured, Supor’s product structure is continuously optimized, and profitability is expected to further improve.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 2.36, 2.77, 3.22 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating. The domestic market competition pattern is relatively large and stable, or it will benefit from the rise of diversified demand. In terms of domestic sales, the competition pattern in the small kitchen appliance sector is stable. The United States and the Soviet Union are divided into three markets.; In the field of cooking utensils, the market needs to develop in a diversified direction. Only companies that continue to improve their professionalism and launch targeted products according to different market needs can win the competition.Supor’s own product technology reserves are too much, and it is included in the parent company SEB Group to replace the company’s brand and product.In summary, the expansion of the company’s product development and design capabilities is expected to continue to benefit from the doubling of market demand. Export sales have benefited from the transfer of orders from the parent company, and the room for growth is broad. The parent company SEB Group has continuously transferred orders to the company since its acquisition of Supor. According to the company’s annual report, the interrelated transactions in 2018 have continued to increase.77%, with a total amount of 46.3.4 billion.We believe that the domestic kitchen appliances and cooking utensils production supporting capabilities are leading the world. In the future, the internal synergy effect of the conversion of Supor and SEB will increase. It is expected that SEB will transfer more orders to the company, and there is broad scope for increasing the amount of interconnected transactions. The injection of high-end brands and products drives the profitability to steadily increase the reorganization of the parent company SEB Group, which will enable advanced technology and products to empower Supor, thereby merging them into high-end brands such as WMF, Krups and LAGOSTINA.The injection of mid- to high-end products and brands into Supor’s multi-brand matrix has taken shape, and will be dedicated to driving the company’s product structure to continue to optimize, and the overall profitability will steadily increase. Continue to benefit from the synergy of major shareholders and give a “buy” rating. We expect the company’s net profit growth rate to be attributable to its mothers to be 16-2019.07%, 17.23% and 16.42%, corresponding to EPS2.36, 2.77, 3.22 yuan.As of September 6, 2019, the average PE of comparable companies in Wind in 2019 is expected to be 25.56 times.The company’s internal sales structure is stable, or it will benefit from the continuous growth of demand diversification; the export company’s parent company orders are steadily transferred, and the growth space is broad; the CAGR of net profit of more than ten years has reached 21.56%, maintaining a relatively rapid growth while maintaining a relatively stable growth rate.Considering the recognition of the company’s excellent fundamental performance and growth stability, the recognition is given to the company 31-33x PE in 2019, corresponding to the target price of 73.16-77.88 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating. Risk reminders: 1) intensified market competition; 2) rising raw material prices; 3) the increase in the amount of related party transactions exceeds expectations; 4) the potential compliance legal risks of related party transactions.

BTG Hotel (600258) Update Report: Breakthrough Reshapes Estimate System

BTG Hotel (600258) Update Report: Breakthrough Reshapes Estimate System
Guide to this report: Cooperation with Hyatt in mid-to-high-end brands to accelerate store opening will gradually reshape investors’ perception of BTG Hotels and increase company revenue. Key points of investment: Restructuring of the estimation system, short-term short-term profit, and increase of holdings.① The downward trend of data brought by the decline in the macro level has been fully reflected in the short term. At present, estimates and institutional positions are at historically low levels; ② The company joins hands with Hyatt to create a new mid-to-high-end brand, and it is expected to open stores in 2019 with a rapid increase in growth;The indicator is much higher than the negative and negative growth threshold, and the margin of safety is sufficient; ④ Considering macro impacts, the 2018/19/20 EPS is reduced to 0.91/0.94/1.04 yuan (-0.07 / -0.22 / -0.35), give 30xPE in 2019, reduce the target price to 28.20 yuan, increase. To create a new mid-to-high-end brand, accelerate the speed of opening stores, and the company’s development has entered a new stage.① Insufficient layout of mid-range hotels and slow shop opening are important reasons for the company’s estimation.After the capital operation is completed, the company will convert its main benefits back to product upgrades and expansion.②Hyatt has strong high-quality service management capabilities, such as strong home opening ability, strong and powerful alliance, and huge space. ③ In 2019, we will work hard to increase the speed 北京桑拿洗浴保健 of opening stores and increase market share. Although the industry continues to build bottom, the worst time has passed.① The limited service-type overall RevPAR benefits from the increase in the proportion of mid-range products and product upgrades that continue to grow. The growth rate is expected to be based on current expectations; the decline in rental rates has narrowed slightly.② The data of January 2019 is disturbed by the Spring Festival in advance, and it will probably be a series of worst months.③ Since the overall RevPAR is still growing, there is no need to worry too much about the growth rate of profits. It is estimated to be at the bottom of history, and the institution has not paid much attention to it for a long time.① The first brigade deducted non-PE valuation in 2019 is 21.58x.② The proportion of fund positions in the fourth quarter of 2018 was only 1.32%.③ The US stock market share in the Chinese market is estimated to be 50xPE / 28xEV / EBITDA, PE is estimated to be twice that of BTG Hotels, and EBITDA is estimated to be three times that of BTG. Risk warning: the macro economy continues to decline; opening of stores is slower than expected.

BOE A (000725): Annual report suffers from panel price competition continues to rise

BOE A (000725): Annual report suffers from panel price competition continues to rise

The company released its 2018 annual report.

Core point of view Panel price fluctuations affect performance, and expansion continues to increase; 18-year revenue of 971 million US dollars, an annual increase of 4%, and net profit attributable to the mother of 34 trillion, a decrease of 55%.

The price of LCD panel 18 continued to decline, which affected the company’s product prices and gross profit margins, but revenue still achieved positive growth, achieving the company’s five major mainstream products market share continued to increase, and has fully achieved the world’s first.

At the same time, the company continues to strengthen its investment in technology research and development, increasing 成都桑拿网 research and development costs by 5 billion U.S. dollars each year, an increase of 59%, and ensuring forward-looking and leadership in the fields of liquid crystal display, flexible OLED, smart IoT, and smart medical industry.

The LCD panel has a solid lead and long-term profit prospects are optimistic: in the first half of 19, supplementary and supplementary production capacity was limited, and supply and demand stabilized in stages. Since the first quarter, the price change trend of small and medium-sized TV panels has continued.In mid-year, major overseas factories switched lines. At the end of the year, the increase in domestic production capacity gradually came into place, and it is expected to gradually transform at the beginning.

After years of deep cultivation and accumulation, the company’s TFT-LCD products have become an absolute leader in the world. The 杭州夜生活网 transfer volume and expansion have continued to grow. The production line layout is perfect, the product structure is reasonable, Hefei10.

The climbing of the 5th generation line is progressing smoothly. In the future, with the large-scale TV and high-definition development trend, the profit prospect is optimistic.

The company continued to grab share in the down cycle, and gained greater performance flexibility when prices reversed.

Flexible OLEDs are expected to break the monopoly of Korean manufacturers: The company ‘s Chengdu flexible OLED production line has reached a high level of production. Last year, the number of first-line brand customers exceeded 2.7 million units. Early this year, it provided bulk supply of new folding screens for large domestic customers and further developed.Customers, the investment in flexible OLEDs in 19 years is expected to increase significantly. At the same time, three new flexible OLED production lines in Mianyang, Chongqing, and Fuqing have produced mass production in recent three years. The planned monthly production capacity of 192k for the four lines will leap to the second in the world.Benefit from OLED development trends.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We predict that the company’s EPS in 19-21 will be 0.

14, 0.

18 and 0.

25 yuan (the original forecast for 19-20 EPS was 0.

39 and 0.

50 yuan, the reason for the decrease in panel price changes in 18 years and the replacement with OLED did not meet expectations), according to comparable companies, giving the company 33 times PE error in 19 years, the corresponding target price is 4.

62 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risks indicate the risk of liquid crystal panel price fluctuations; the progress of flexible OLEDs is not up to expectations.

Belly dance jumps out of sexy hips

Belly dance jumps out of sexy hips

The beautiful buttocks of the famous Latin singer Shakira is probably no match.

From behind her-she can polish her slim but perfectly curvy figure even through clothes.

Whenever and wherever you watch Shakira’s performance, you will definitely enjoy her wonderful belly dance performance.

  In front of Shakira, belly dancing became popular in gyms, home fitness tapes, and even some schools.

For a woman like Shakira who loves dancing but doesn’t really like fitness, dancing belly dance is indeed the most ideal way to exercise.

Shakira’s signature performance, belly dance, allowed her to maintain her figure and graceful elbow curve.

  Do you also desire to have that perfect curve?

Why not try a belly dance.

Do 8 to 15 exercises in each group and 2 to 3 exercises at least 2 or 3 times a week.


Keep your feet apart, with your hands in front.


Take a big step back with your right leg, bend your knees until your right leg is parallel to the ground, and your left leg is perpendicular to your right leg. Hold it for a while, replace your right leg, and exchange your legs to perform the above action.

Top 10 recipes for stomach droop

Top 10 recipes for stomach droop

Introduction: Gastroptosis refers to the lower edge of the stomach reaching the pelvic cavity when prolonged, and the lowest point of the small arc curve of the stomach is replaced below the 髂 嵴 line.

In traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the method of supplementing Chinese medicine and benefiting qi, and raising the sun and raising depression is the law.

The following Chinese medicine recommends 10 kinds of food therapy secret recipes for stomach ptosis, hoping to help patients with stomach ptosis.

(1) Stuffed meat: Take 200g each of tender fat mutton and yellow hen meat, chopped into mud, add 15g of ginger, salt, and rice wine, stir well to make a filling, take an appropriate amount of flour and wrap it as usual.Morning fasting.

Wages of enthusiasts.

(2) Stewed silkworm kidney with walnuts: Take 100-150 grams of walnut kernels and 50 grams of slightly fried silkworm kidneys, place them in a bowl, put them in a drawer, and simmer them in water.

Stomach strengthening has good effects.

(3) Stewed yam of rabbit meat: Take 100 grams of rabbit meat, wash, cut into pieces, add salt, rice wine, ginger, and 30 grams of yam powder, add the yam powder into the drawer, and simmer in the water.

Applicable to those with heat in the stomach.

(4) Boiled tomatoes with sweet potatoes: Take 200 grams of red sweet potatoes, wash and slice them, put them in a steamed dish, place them in a dish, add another pot, boil them in transparent water, and add the appropriate amount of sugar and tomato sauce.

Reboil it and serve on sweet potato chips.

Take a separate meal.

Called gastric pituitary weakness.

Stomach acid is not appropriate.

(5) Lamb bone porridge: take one lamb spine, mash it, cook with 2500 ml of simmered water for about 60 minutes, remove the bones, add 200 grams of rice, and stir-fry the porridge.

Take it every morning on an empty stomach.
Suitable for physical weakness, sagging stomach, loss of appetite.

(6) Chicken liver porridge: Take one male and black chicken liver, fracture the ginger, and have 50 grams of rice.

Take once a day, fasting.

It can nourish the spleen and liver, and strengthen the muscles.

(7) Pig spleen porridge: 15 grams of Codonopsis and 6 grams of orange red are washed, and decoction to obtain juice.

Then take 100 grams of previous rice, wash, and one pig spleen. After washing and slicing, add them to the medicinal juice, add ginger, light white, and appropriate amount of water, and simmer until the pork spleen is cooked.

Take once daily on an empty stomach.

With the treatment of sagging stomach, symptoms of abdominal distension, indigestion, loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.

(8) Sturgeon Astragalus Decoction: Take 1 tail of Sturgeon, wash and remove impurities, and stir-fry the soup with 40g of Astragalus and 15g of Stir-fried Carpaccio.

Take 2 times a day and eat soup.

Can make up for qi.

It can be used to treat sagging stomach and prolapse.

(9) Poria soup: Take fresh scallion, 250 grams each of carrots, 15 grams of Poria, 2 slices of ginger, and simmer in water.

It is advisable to add the three flavors together after cooking.


Can clear heat and dampness.

(10) Qidou Yanggan Decoction: Take 15 grams of astragalus, wrap it with cloth, and 50 grams of black beans, and wash one goat’s liver. Stew until the sheep’s liver is cooked., Just add salt and cook slightly.

Served twice a day for 5-7 days.

It can disperse in the middle temperature and improve the Qi.

Treat spleen and stomach with cold and drooping stomach.

On the basis of the four principles, the gastric drooping rehabilitation soup, according to the gastric drooping mechanism, enhances the emptying, lifts the stomach, exhausts the acid, enhances the smooth muscle excitement, depends on the five methods, and combines the five methods. The gastric body naturally rises and achieves good results.

How should low back pain be relieved?

How should low back pain be relieved?

In daily life, almost all activities require the participation of waist and hips to complete. Therefore, low back pain is one of the common diseases of office workers, especially at the end of time, the waist muscles pass through a long continuous “battle”,Reached the limit of exhaustion.

  Experts say that low back pain is caused by imbalance of muscle movements in daily life, so strength training, decomposition exercises and correcting incorrect posture are the best ways to prevent low back pain.

  The following set of waist and hip exercises can strengthen weak muscles and contract muscles that are too tight. If you suffer from low back pain, don’t block it.

  Lie on your back with your hips bent about 45 degrees, knees bent about 90 degrees, your feet flat on the ground, your arms crossed on your chest (or behind your head), and your lower jaw slightly closed.

Then exhale slowly roll up the body until the scapula leaves the ground, but the waist must be close to the ground, and then inhale to restore.

This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles.

  ■ Prone support Prone position, support your body with your elbows bent, keep your head, shoulders, and arms in a straight line, and keep this position for 5-10 seconds.

Gradually extended to 1 minute later.

This exercise strengthens the abdominal, back and gluteal muscles.

  ■ The dead ends of the flexed body deadlift feet are as wide as the shoulders, and the chest and waist are upright. Hold a water bottle in each hand on the front side of the thigh. Inhale and slowly bend down until the water bottle is as close as possible to the foot.Tighten the lower back muscles.

This exercise can strengthen the waist and hip muscles.

  ■ Contract the lumbosacral lunge and kneel, with the forelimbs flat on the mat, the hips on the hind legs, and the hips straight.

Then slowly tilt the upper limbs forward until the muscles in the back of the legs have a slackness, hold for 15-30 seconds, and then change legs.

  ■ Contract the erector spinae muscles and sit on the pad with the knees bent and the legs extended open.

Then the upper body slowly leans forward until the hip muscles have a pull feeling, hold for 15-30 seconds.

  ■ Contract the hamstring muscles while sitting on the pad, keeping the hips straight, with the knees of one leg straight, and the knees of the other leg bent.

Then slowly tilt your upper body forward until the thigh muscles of the thighs that are straightened have a slackness, hold for 15-30 seconds, and then change legs.

  The above action is best done 3-4 times a week, 3-4 groups each time, each group repeats 10 times.

When doing contraction exercises, continue for 15-30 seconds while feeling the muscles tighten without causing pain.

Spike melanin night whitening must learn 6 tricks

Spike melanin night whitening must learn 6 tricks

If your whitening work just stays in the morning, it ‘s a big mistake. At night, the skin ‘s melanin secretion is becoming more and more active. Therefore, suppressing black and white at night is the key. As long as it is properly maintained, fair skin can really sleep!!

  Taiwan Beauty Godfather “Niuer” tells us that autumn and winter nights are a golden time to whiten.

Scientific research shows that skin care should follow the principles of daytime protection and nighttime repair, so whitening night cream has a serious interaction in the process of whitening the skin, because it has a two-way effect of repairing and replenishing.

The use of night cream in autumn and winter can achieve a good repair effect.

  Night Whitening Step1: Cleansing and washing out the white skin and air pollution, the radiation of the computer will make your skin quickly lose moisture, the complexion looks dull and dull, how many layers of whitening products are in vain.

So be sure to clean your face thoroughly before going to bed.

  Lancome Extreme Whitening Cleansing Milk Reference Price: RMB350 / 125ml Extreme technology whitening series, unique new active whitening ingredient Mela-No Complex inhibits melanin secretion complex, can prevent keratinocytes from producing excessive nitrogen oxides, thereby reducing the formation of melanin, there are15 times the fading effect; with the continuous conversion of vitamin CG into vitamin C, it chases the source of melanin in series, and combines the antioxidant effect to prevent the skin from turning yellow.

  Whitening at night Step2: Toner shot white skin In fact, many MMs will ignore the role of toner, in fact, toner has a good cleaning and hydrating effect.

Use a toner or toner for a second cleansing to thoroughly remove the residue of cleaning products, while promoting the skin’s ability to absorb the next product.

  YUE-SAI Whitening Ganoderma Conditioning Solution Whitening Reference Price: RMB200 / 150ML Customized by Yuxi Research Lab for Chinese women’s skin, containing precious natural ganoderma extract: implanting source energy into cells, rejuvenating the skin and fighting against itSkin functions in harmony.

Nourishes the skin, leaving skin smooth, smooth, radiant and healthy.

Ready for further in-depth care!

  Night Whitening Step3: Of course, the lotion is a lotion after applying whitening skin toner. Before applying the essence, be sure to use a lotion as a base. It can moisturize and whiten and lock the moisture brought by the toner, which is the basis for the next whitening.

  Estee Lauder Estee Lauder New Ultra Brightening Whitening Moisturizer Reference Price: RMB600 / 100ML is specifically aimed at Asian women’s whitening needs, focusing on improving dull skin and uneven pigmentation.

The revolutionary LuminEXComplex “brightening active formula” promotes the normalization of microcirculation and accelerates the metabolism of skin cells.

The patented Melanase “Cleansing Formula” contains highly concentrated main whitening ingredients, which dispels the spots and disappears invisible.

Combined with the unique “composite whitening formula”, the knot will protect the skin and prevent spots, and freckles will reappear. At the same time, it will repair and strengthen the skin’s water-locking function, which can improve skin tone defects.

  Night Whitening Step4: Essence Wiping Whitening Skin Essence is the strongest whitening product and the part that is most easily absorbed by the skin. Essence can be used on the entire face, or it can be focused on the spots.

  Guerlain Guerlain Lanting Ting Orchid Extreme Whitening Essence Reference Price: RMB3600 / 30ml This product is a traditional whitening care product featuring whitening active ingredients, which can make the skin regain its youth obviously, showing extraordinary and clear and fair,Bloom pure sheen.

  Night Whitening Step5: The night cream wipes out the white skin. Finally, use the whitening night cream to consolidate all skin care processes, so that the skin can be completely captured by whitening products at night, and having perfect white skin is no longer a dream the next day.

  Chanel Super Whitening Night Cream Reference Price: RMB1300 / 30ML Whitening series star ingredient “melanin sleep four effect complex” and the perfect combination of moisturizing active factor.

When you wake up, your skin is white and reborn.

The jelly-like elastic texture is extremely refreshing and soft.

  Night Whitening Step6: The whitening mask is actually the best whitening product. Use the whitening mask to better absorb the facial skin and promote skin metabolism. Do two to three times a week for the skin. It can also be used.Absorb the best sleeping mask to make your skin lighter.

  NATURE Beautyeasy Lavender Whitening Night Gel This special night gel is specially designed for extremely dry skin. It has dual melanin replacement and whitening effects. It also has the best skin-friendly silk protein, serine., Hyaluronic acid and other excellent moisturizing ingredients, deep keratin gives the skin an endless source of moisture and moisturizing, so that the next day the skin becomes supple, fair and translucent.