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Dahan Health Dafa Secret Golden Lotus Tea


Dahan Health Dafa Secret Golden Lotus Tea

January 20 is the Great Cold in the 24 solar terms, and the coldest time of the year.

Experts reminded that drinking cold tea on the cold weather can prevent the prevention of colds and regulate the mood.

銆€銆€Li Jian, director of the Traditional Medical Department of the Center for Treatment of Diseases in Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out that the Great Cold is just the fourth coldest time in the year. It is the hottest season of respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Especially for the elderly, the Great Cold Festival is a “can”, which is a challenge to their health.

銆€銆€In the diet, people must first eat more warm food, such as beef and mutton, venison, dog meat and so on.

The elderly often suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and there are problems such as high blood pressure and high blood lipids. Therefore, eating meat cannot be too much.

In fact, eat more easily digestible foods, so as not to cause food stagnation due to decreased activity in winter, leading to gastrointestinal damage, constipation and so on.

Third, the diet should not be too biased towards a certain taste of sweet and sour.

Fourth, proper tea drinking is conducive to the health care of the cold and thrifty, but tea is also very particular.

With golden lotus, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum tea, you can clear the heat and swallow, prevent gas “stagnation”, especially for people who feel dry mouth and dry throat.

With orange peel, bergamot flowers, rose tea, you can evacuate the liver and qi, help to alleviate the most likely depression in winter, and adjust the mood.

How to improve lymphoma cancer lymph node how to improve


How to improve lymphoma cancer lymph node how to improve

Lymphoma is a malignant tumor originating from lymph nodes or other lymphoid tissues. This disease is very harmful to patients, mainly because people’s resistance is reduced, which causes the immune system to cause problems. It is more common in young and middle-aged people and has a longer treatment period.In addition to reasonable and scientific treatment, it is also necessary to do daily nursing care, so how to regulate lymphoma every day?

And see the detailed introduction below, I hope to help you.

How to regulate lymphoma1, early patients can be properly active, have fever, bed rest should be in bed to reduce consumption and protect the body.


Give high content, high protein, rich vitamins, easy to digest food, drink plenty of water.

In order to enhance the body’s resistance to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and promote the excretion of toxins.

3, keep the skin clean, scrub with warm water every day, especially to protect the skin from the radiotherapy area, to avoid all irritating factors such as sun, hot and cold, various disinfectants, soap, tape and other skin irritation, underwear instead of water absorptionSoft cotton yarn should be wide.

4, radiotherapy, chemotherapy should observe the treatment effect and adverse reactions.

5, pay attention to personal hygiene, to keep warm, prevent various infections.

6, strengthen nutrition and improve resistance.

7, adhere to the doctor’s advice, regular follow-up.

Therapeutic side of the treatment of lymphoma diet one: Cordyceps sinensis mushroom soup[material]1/2 chicken, 15 Cordyceps sinensis, 鏋告潪 1 money, onion ginger amount, several mushrooms, 2 tablespoons of wine, salt amount.

[Practice]After the chicken is washed, the sputum is boiled to the blood and used.

Cordyceps sinensis, shiitake mushrooms, soaked in water for about 1 hour, onions cut long sections, ginger slices.

Add the chicken, medicinal herbs, diced green onion, ginger and mushrooms to the saucepan, add rice wine, boil in large water and cook for about 2 hours on low heat.

Therapeutic side 2: sweet and sour pork and vegetable ribs[material]225 grams of tenderloin, half of onion, 1 beef tomato, 1/5 pineapple, half broccoli, garlic, garlic, white sesame, sweet potato powder, too white powder.
[Seasoning]2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar, seasoning with wine and salt.

[Practice]Wash the tenderloin with a wide strip, add seasoning and white powder for 10 minutes.

Tomatoes, pineapples, onions, broccoli, washed and cut into pieces.

Heat the oil pan, pour the heat into the muscles, and pick up the oil.

Leave some oil and scallions, garlic, and add tomatoes, pineapples, broccoli, stir-fry and then add the muscles, seasonings, stir-fry and add too white powder to thicken the water, then sprinkle with sesame seeds.

When a child sleeps, his intelligence is low?

When a child sleeps, his intelligence is low?

Everyday, people think that taking a nap is a good habit for health.

However, according to the British “Daily Telegraph” report, multiple naps will affect the normal sleep of children in the evening, and will cut off their brain activity, affecting their mental performance.

銆€銆€The study was conducted by a research team led by Joe McNamara of the top universities in the United States.

銆€銆€The team tested 27 preschool children to see how they performed in solving problems that required planning and organizational skills.

The test found that the longer the child took a nap, the less the number of problems solved; the later the night, the worse the performance of the children.

銆€銆€This result coincides with the investigation conducted by John Haas of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Haas and his colleagues investigated the sleeping habits of 738 children between the ages of 2 and 12 and found that children who took a nap during the day would be late for 39 minutes and would get even later on weekends.

These children will find it harder to sleep at night, the quality of sleep is not good, and it is very difficult to get up in the morning.

銆€銆€Dr. Haas also pointed out that there may be a problem with someone “chicken first, or egg first”. Some children may sleep alternately at night because they have a nap during the day; these children need a nap, perhaps because they have less sleep at night.

Therefore, if the child is sleepy in the afternoon, the nap must be moderate, do not affect the normal sleep at night, so as not to form a vicious circle, affecting mental health.

Dan Gong practice – see the light method


Dan Gong practice – see the light method

The extent to which Nedan cultivated to see the light also marked the beginning of a new realm. Therefore, the Taoist sees the 鈥渘atural light鈥?

In the Qing Dynasty, Liu Huayang said in the “Hui Ming Jing”: “Becoming a Buddha into an ancestor is a natural light.”

If you can’t practice sex light for a long time, you can’t see the light of sex, that is, “the stubborn air”, which means that the practice is not lawful, or the skill is still shallow.

銆€銆€The human body’s sexual light is divided into internal light and external light, which is both internal and external air, but it is the cohesive state of internal and external gas, and it is the high level of internal and external gas.

In the Taoist book, Xu authors describe the situation of sexual light, some of which are more comprehensive: “Golden aircraft flying electricity, virtual room white, round totu”.

銆€銆€”Golden aircraft flying electricity” describes the eyebrows of the people, that is, the Yintang hole suddenly emits a golden light like lightning. This situation indicates that sexual light has begun to be produced; “the virtual room is white,” it describes the work, the whole body is melting,The internalization becomes a void, the internal air is a white light curtain in the body; the “circular torah”, after the continuous light is continuously exercised, into a golden yellow light group, such as exposed as electricity, non-fog and non-smokeBrilliant flashing, hanging over the eyes.

銆€銆€Mr. Qiu Ling divides sexual light into Huiguang and Shuguang, and believes that the sexual light seen by the best kungfu is mostly Huiguang, and the sexual light seen by the superiors belongs to the dawn.

He also described the image of Huiguang and Shuguang: At first glance, Huiguang, just a little white and swaying, and using consciousness, that is, spreading, do not know what to stop; or static aurora, color as eyebrows, by graduallyAnd arrogant and small.

Reverted to no; or the aperture is imaginary, the circle is bright inside the circle; or the aperture is unknown or round.

For these kinds of glory, I think that I think that there is not enough performance.

銆€銆€After a long period of exercise, Huiguang or red light, or white light; red light called “blood porch”, white light called “positive porch”, and light like the moonlight, like a big moon hanging in front of youThose who are not moving are pure Huiguang, which is a superfluous performance.

銆€銆€Such as the dawn, it is the golden light.

If Jinguang is found in the white light of Huiguang, the seedlings of Jindan are thus produced.

The golden light and the bright, that is, the relics have been refined.


The wisdom of raising a foot can become a dawn.

The ancients said: “The lack of precision, can not produce wisdom; the lack of relics, can not be born.

Huiguang is like the moon, and the light is like golden light.”

This can be seen as the general outline of sexual light changes.

The legendary golden dragonfly is a rare tripod, and the Twilight singer borrows the meaning of the three-legged meaning, and the sacred spirit of the three treasures is combined into one.

銆€銆€However, it is rare in the world to practice the function to discover the dawn.

Everyone has human light, but because of their different physical qualities, light presents different colors.

And the brightness is different.

People with deep kung fu can even make colorful apertures.

銆€銆€The method of seeing light must be based on the method of accumulating internal gas. First, it is necessary to exercise its own internal air. The weak human body light is also weak, so it is difficult to see.

Therefore, it is necessary to practice static work, meditation, and to help with some exercises.

銆€銆€(1) Looking at the internal light method, the internal light method should be based on building.

Once the air is full and the size is on Sunday, it is easier to see the light.

Closed-eye practitioners close their eyes and sit still, looking at the eyelids, focusing on the image of the imagination-shaped light appearing in the eyelids, or appearing in the space of delusion, can’t see the light at first, insist on doing it, slowlyIt will seem to have a sense of light.

銆€銆€At this time, we must strengthen our confidence, do not shake the suspicion, and the light will gradually become apparent. Once we really feel the vivid image, this method will succeed.

If you can’t succeed in this method, you can concentrate on gazing at the point in your eyelids. Slowly and carefully search in the practice. If you feel that there is a little light, move this light point in the horizontal direction to make it an image.

銆€銆€After seeing the light with this method, you should practice it repeatedly.

If you can see the clear light with a closed eye, then this step is successful.

After the -shaped image can be seen clearly and easily displayed, it should continue to train to see the circular light, that is, slowly expand the – shaped light to make it a light group.

銆€銆€Open eye method This method is practiced on the basis of the achievement of closed eye method. It is necessary to look at the image of the inner light in the case of opening the eye, so that the image of the light floats in space.

When you start practicing eye opening, you must prepare a color drawing paper. The color depends on your preference. Generally, it is better to be a little deeper.

銆€銆€Stick the picture paper on the window or put it on the table.

When and where to practice, choose a room that is dusk or a bit dark.When you are ready, face the drawing paper, distance 50 cm to one meter, sit down quietly, and open your eyes, in accordance with the method of closing the eye, make the image of light appear.

At the beginning, a simple – image is presented.

銆€銆€This kind of exercise should be repeated and patiently carried out.

When practicing to maintain the contour of this light for about ten seconds, I began to practice watching the circular light.

But in the process of practicing, be careful not to make the burden on your eyes too big, don’t do longer exercises at once.

After practicing once, rest for a few minutes and let your eyes recover.

銆€銆€Then practice again and again.

Practice about 15 to 20 minutes each time.

Let the image of light appear in the space training, should avoid doing it during the day, it is best to practice in the evening, at least after the evening, because the images that beginners can reveal are often not enough, and there will be sunshine during the day.Not even or can’t see clearly.

銆€銆€The practitioner can move his eyes to the space and present a simple image such as a sharp shape.

After doing this once, further concentrate on the idea to strengthen its brilliance while maintaining its continuous time.

Looking at the internal light loss, the body energy is too large, so there is no need to carry out too much training, and it is enough to be able to practice to show the internal light on the drawing paper or space.

銆€銆€The so-called “help but not use” is to let the practitioners cherish their physical energy.

People with diseases, especially those with high blood pressure, are not suitable for military training. I hope readers will pay attention.

銆€銆€(B) look at the external light method to see the finger light when looking at the light should be in a quiet qigong state, then stretch out the five fingers, fingertips extended to the dark, half closed eyes, from the bright place along the fingers to the dark, can be seen at first sightTo the five yellow beams of light, the long-term practice is becoming more and more obvious, and you can see it after opening your eyes.

銆€銆€If you can’t see the light at the beginning, you can look at the hot hands again, or put your hands in warm water to heat up. Generally, as long as you insist on confidence, you can see the external light when you practice hard, and you can change your work and the external light will become more and more.obvious.

After you can see the light of your fingers, you can practice watching the whole body.


Look at your whole body and prepare a mirror that reflects the whole body. On the opening behind you, stick the color paper that is the easiest to trim.

When starting to practice, it is best to take off your upper body clothes, wear only underwear, and look at the whole body image reflected in the mirror with a sly feeling.

銆€銆€At the beginning of the exercise, only look at the inner layer of light.

The inner layer of light is about 12 left from the body surface?
13 cm distance.

At first, you may only see phosgenes that flow like transparent water. You may see gray light and shadow slowly. If you can see the silver-white light, you will see the light and you can wear clothes to practice.Look at the light.

If you wear clothes, you can see the back light and you can practice watching other people’s back light.


Looking at other people’s back light can choose an object to see his back light.

First use the method of looking at the back of the finger, look at the back light from the other hand, and then look at the back of the other body.

銆€銆€At this point, first observe the back light of the other’s head. After seeing it clearly, look at the back light of the other body from top to bottom.

Pay attention to the light environment, it is best not to be in bright light, but also to ask the other person to stand in front of the opening without any items.


It is difficult to see the light of each layer to see the light behind each layer than to look at the inner layer.

Those who have clearly seen the back light of the inner layer should carefully observe the enlarged part of the sensation of the lateral light, and if it is clear, it is necessary to observe the change of the light after the outer layer.

銆€銆€The outer part of the outer layer is fluid and varied, and it is not easy to see its shape. It requires long-term practice.

It is possible to polish the inner and outer layers of light to see the various derivatized and abnormal backlights in the back light.


The color of the light is the most advanced of the practice of observing the light.

When practicing the color of the back light, the background should have a white or black monochrome.

The trick is to think about the color of the back light when you look at it, for example, when you feel like you are seeing blue or red.

銆€銆€Look at the role of external light: First, you can judge the health of the person by looking at the color, shape and location of the light.
Use the light function to judge the physical condition of the other party, mainly from the color.
A healthy person, a physically strong person, has a silver-white light.

銆€銆€If the light you see is gray, it means that the other person is sick; the darker the color, the heavier the condition.

If there is black light on the other side, it means that he is already ill and is hopeless.

The part of the light is also very important.

If the other party has a dark color in a certain part, it means that his part is sick.

銆€銆€For example, a person with a stomach ailment will see an abnormality in the light defect in front of the stomach.

A person with a stiff front end will see a dark halo on the front end.

Those who see the light can take various methods to get rid of his illness.

銆€銆€Even the diseased discharge can be seen, both dark and thick.

銆€銆€Second, through the color of the light, the ability of the other party can be judged.

The light of ordinary healthy people is silvery white.

People who practice kungfu are close to red light or orange; as kung fu gradually deepens, there will be light yellow, golden yellow light; when practiced, green light and blue light will appear; finally, purple light will appear.

The so-called purple gas is the kind of purple light.

The level of purple light is quite high, and some people have reached the level of purple light, and the light emitted by the body is somewhat.

銆€銆€The third is to understand people’s temperament, personality and the profession they are engaged in.

People with high martial arts can also see the future and the future by looking at the development and prospects of people.

It’s just that there are very few such high-ranking people, so this feature is easily criticized as superstitious.

Between husband and wife, I am afraid that I have sex too.


Between husband and wife, I am afraid that I have sex too.

I have seen such a couple in the clinic.

The husband is somewhat listless, saying that his erectile response is slow and the hardness is not enough; his wife complained rather: “He can’t do that, sometimes not once in half a month (sex life), it doesn’t matter!

“I looked at my husband carefully, and it was 20 or 30 years old. This frequency seems to be abnormal.”

After careful questioning, the husband said that he was weak and easy to be flustered when he was nervous, and his concern gradually deteriorated.

銆€銆€Such patients are clinically common.

The current society is fast-paced and competitive. People are at work and often encounter various kinds of troubles in their lives.

Men who are under too much stress can cause nervous system and disorder in the internal secretion system, leading to a series of symptoms.

Loss of libido and decreased sexual function are important parts.

However, sexual function is 鈥渦se and retreat鈥?for men. If you use it more at the right frequency, it will be more and more handy; if you don’t use it for a long time, it will gradually degenerate.

When men find that their sexual desire is getting worse and worse, and the erectile function is obviously declining, they will become more and more afraid of sexual life and have no interest in sex life.

But couples also need sex very much.

It can bring happiness to both husband and wife, and it has no presupposition benefits for their physical health. It is also an important main axis for maintaining the relationship between husband and wife.

If one side is 鈥済radually drifting away鈥?from sexual life, the other party’s needs will not be met, or even suspicion: Does he/she not love me?

For marriage, such suspicion is not a good thing.

The wife mentioned above has already expressed dissatisfaction with her husband in a few words.

In other cases, it is not uncommon for some wives to file for divorce because their husbands are too long for sex or the quality of their sexual life is not high.

銆€銆€Therefore, I hope that men will also take good care of their health and sexual life while they are working hard.

If you have a problem that you can’t solve, you can go to a professional male doctor for help.

When is the best time to eat fruit during the day?


When is the best time to eat fruit during the day?

Fruit is different from vegetables, and the way they are eaten is also an important factor.

The fruit flavor is good, it is suitable for raw food. Since it can be eaten raw, no cooking is needed, and it is free to eat at any time.

However, from a nutritional point of view, when to eat fruit is really a bit pay attention to.

銆€銆€Relative to meat, poultry, fish, eggs and grains, fruits and vegetables have their nutritional characteristics, rich in vitamins and fiber intake.

Vitamins are a class of small molecules of organic matter. Although the human body needs less, it has many important physiological functions. The problem is that it is organic, and its properties are not stable. It is easy to be degenerated and destroyed during processing and cooking.

In particular, vitamin C is particularly sensitive to temperature and loses a lot when heated for cooking.

The third national nutrition survey showed that the amount of vitamin C in the per capita consumption of food in the body reached 180% of the recommended amount, but the mild lack of vitamin C in the population is widespread. The reason is that vegetables are cooked and integrated, and vitamin C is lost in large quantities.The actual intake of the human body is greatly reduced.

銆€銆€The raw food of the fruit is basically unprocessed, and the vitamins are rarely lost, making up for the shortage of vegetables.

Therefore, it is best to use fruit as an integral part of the supplemental structure. Each meal is ordered with a fruit to supplement vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is a great alternative to improving the overall nutritional quality of each meal.

銆€銆€Too many families are accustomed to eating fruit once a day, which is better than eating at breakfast, because breakfast is slightly extended, there is very little substitute for food, and fruit is needed to provide vitamins.

In addition, after a night of sleep, the gastrointestinal tract has been cleared, and the replacement fiber in the fruit can be inserted into the “scavenger” to remove harmful substances from the intestinal wall and eliminate the risk of possible tumors.

Dietary fiber also has the function of regulating blood sugar and blood lipids and improving human immunity.

Maintain health and start in the morning.

Experts do not eat food, environmental pollution is too much toxin parasites, do not dare to eat


Experts do not eat food, environmental pollution is too much toxin parasites, do not dare to eat

Although people eat food for the day, health experts generally do not recommend you to eat these.

1, puffer fish everyone has heard this sentence “the wormwood is full of dead buds, it is the puffer.”

This is one of the poems by Su Dongpo, the great poet Su Dongpo, who saw that the river beach was covered with sage, and he couldn’t help but think of the puffer fish he liked.

This also implies that Su Dongpo loves to eat puffer fish, preferring to eat delicious puffer fish.

I have not eaten puffer fish, but like Su Dongpo, we all have luck.

Medical research has proved that the toxins in the puffer fish enter the human body and interrupt the influx of sodium ions, interrupting the nerve conduction ability, and the nerve paralysis occurs in the human body, resulting in difficulty in breathing until the death is shortly followed.

The study said that only 0.

5 mg of tetrodotoxin or only 1 mg of puffer acid acid killed 1 kg of animals.

Affected by environmental pollution factors, whether it is seafood or river fresh, as long as it contains toxins, its poison power will only increase, and it is worthwhile to try to eat puffer fish for early adopters.

2, weaving snails are abundant in the Fujian area, also known as “A cone snail”, “Sea lion snail”, etc., generally living near the sea reef.

At least the marine pollution is serious, and the red tide is frequent or the toxicity of the snail is greatly increased.

Most people don’t know that a small woven snail can kill people’s lives. Because the snail contains “Shenfang scorpion toxin”, inadvertent consumption can cause poisoning reaction caused by nerve conduction interruption. Because the incubation period is short, the human body can appear soon.Vomiting, dizziness, numbness of the lips and fingers, and so on, there is still no specific drug treatment, the only way to reduce the body’s toxins by vomiting, gastric lavage and accelerating excretion.

3, raw crabs are also in the Fujian area, according to local news reports, Fujian Province has conducted sampling inspections in 26 counties and districts, in addition to aphids, paragonimiasis, aphids, hookworms, the first discovery of foreign disease-causing species, Egypt ticks.

However, the drunken crabs mentioned here are folk customs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. People who like crabs too much have eaten them. The method is simple. After cleaning, they only need to break their cut pieces and put the prepared spices.In the cooking wine, soaked and marinated for several days.

There is also crab sauce, which is the same as fish sauce and shrimp paste, which are obtained by fermenting with salt.

Foodborne parasitic diseases occur occasionally, and once the hazard occurs.

Drunken crabs and crab sauce have a strange “salty” taste, but experts are not too cold on these two things, because crabs feed on rot, which is a dead organism that is decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.The formed organic matter accumulates on the surface of the crab and in the cockroaches. It contains a large amount of bacteria. The drunk crab crab sauce is not enough to kill them, and the human body is vulnerable to it.

Unless it is a large amount of garlic, it is the best antibiotic in nature and can reduce the chance of infection.

Can develop a beautiful curve of fattening action


Can develop a beautiful curve of fattening action

In life, not thin girls like 鈥渂one molds鈥? almost all fitness instructors unanimously recommend a balanced exercise that transforms misfortune into muscles at low intensity.

For a soft and weak skinny girl, it is a perfect fit.

Pilates is also the best way for all fat girls and thin girls to practice together and achieve different satisfaction results.

銆€銆€Action 1: Upright tilt requirements: The feet are close together, the toes can be slightly extended, tightening the buttocks, thigh fractures, knee joints, calves and ankles.

Place the pelvis in a horizontal position (can’t tilt forward or backward), and squeeze your hands and fingers across the top of your head.

Abdomen and chest, open the chest wide.

The shoulders, hips and heels are on a vertical line.

The front sinks, the eyes look straight ahead, and the chin is slightly above the horizontal position.

The entire spine should extend upwards in the direction of the top of the head!

Hold for 3-5 minutes.

銆€銆€Purpose: First of all, we must correct the bad posture of the body, so that we can have the best training effect. Action 2: Triceps training requirements: prone, chin on the ground, hands on the top of the body, palms facing the roof.

Keep your legs together and tighten your hips!

Slowly raise your hands.

Keep your hands as high as possible and tighten your arms as far as possible. Don’t open them!

Hold for 2-3 minutes.

銆€銆€Purpose: It can tighten the loose muscles better and better modify the arm line movements. Three: Side waist practice requirements: feet and shoulder width, tummy hips, relax, put one hand behind the head, onePlace your hand only 45 degrees below the body side.

The eyes look straight ahead.

Keep the coaxial position in the same plane.

Slowly bend the body to the side, keep the waist fixed, and bend above the waist.

Slowly restore again.

Repeat 8-10 times for another 10-15 seconds.

銆€銆€Purpose: Can tighten the waistline very well.

銆€銆€You are a too thin girl, the fitness instructor suggests that you carry out the above three actions, let yourself gain some fat over the curve.

There are some preventive measures for benign prostatic hyperplasia


There are some preventive measures for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Prostatic hyperplasia is a proliferative symptom of male prostate. There are many methods for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.

However, the most important thing is to do daily health care measures.

So, what are the preventive measures for benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Preventive measures for benign prostatic hyperplasia 1, eat spicy spicy spicy food, can cause sexual organs congestion, but also lead to hemorrhoids, constipation symptoms worse, oppression of the prostate, increased dysuria.

2, can not urinate.

Urine can cause over-filling of the bladder, weakening the bladder’s detrusor muscles, making it difficult to urinate, and easily causing acute urinary retention. Therefore, it is necessary to have urine.

3, can not be overworked and overworked, will consume the gas, the lack of gas will cause urination weakness, easy to cause urinary retention.

4, avoid sedentary.

Frequent sedentary times can aggravate acne and other diseases, and it is easy to make the perineum congestion, causing difficulty in urinating.

Regularly participate in cultural and sports activities and Qigong exercise to improve symptoms.

5, moderate drinking water.

Too little drinking water will not only cause dehydration, but also adversely affect the urination of the urinary tract, and it will easily lead to the concentration of urine to form insoluble stones.

Therefore, in addition to reducing drinking water at night, so as not to overfill the bladder after sleep, drink plenty of water during the day.

6, with caution with drugs.

Some drugs can increase the difficulty of urinating, and can cause acute urinary retention when the dose is large, including atropine, belladonna tablets and ephedrine tablets, and substituted adrenaline.

At the distal end, calcium blockers and isoproteren are also found to promote prolactin secretion, gradually reduce the contractile force of the detrusor muscle, and increase the difficulty of urinating. Therefore, it is advisable to use caution or preferably not to use certain drugs.

7, timely treatment.

Prompt treatment, prostatitis, cystitis and urethral stones should be treated promptly.

Warm reminder: In addition to the preventive measures introduced above, men must also adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise to improve their resistance. Only by doing this well, prevention of disease will have a multiplier effect.

If you have symptoms of the disease, there is no better way than this. In addition to timely treatment, it is hoped that male friends will be treated promptly when they have symptoms of the disease.

taboos to pay attention to when using chopsticks

12 taboos to pay attention to when using chopsticks

Chopsticks are not shared in our daily lives. Chopsticks are used every day to eat, but do you know what to avoid when using chopsticks?


Three long and two short means that the chopsticks are placed on the table before or during the replacement.

This practice is unlucky, and we usually call it “three long and two short.”

It means “death.”

Because the Chinese used to think that after the death of a person, they had to put in the coffin. When the man was loaded, there was no cover for the coffin. The components of the coffin were two short planks on the front and back, and three long planks on the bottom and five on the bottom.The casing material of a piece of wood combined with gypsum is exactly three long and two short, so it is extremely unlucky to say that.


This method of immortal guidance is also extremely unacceptable. This method of taking chopsticks is to use the thumb and middle finger, the ring finger, the little finger to hold the chopsticks, and the index finger a few.

This is called “骂街” in the eyes of Beijingers.

Because the shape of the index finger at the time of eating is always referring to others, the Beijingers generally symbolize the index finger to refer to the other party, and most of them have the meaning of accusation.

Therefore, using fingers when eating chopsticks is tantamount to blaming others. This is the same as the deaf person and cannot be allowed.

There is also a situation that means talking to others and using chopsticks to refer to people.


It is also impossible to keep the sound of the sound. The way to do this is to put one end of the chopsticks in your mouth, use your mouth to go back and forth, and squeak from time to time.

This kind of behavior is considered to be a squatting practice.

Because the essence of using chopsticks at the time of eating is a rude behavior, coupled with the sound, is even more annoying.

Therefore, this practice is generally considered to be a global tutor, and it is not allowed.


The act of knocking down the knockout is expected to be a meal, which is done by tapping the bowl with chopsticks when separating.

Because in the past, only the rice was used to beat the rice bowl with chopsticks, and the sound it made was accompanied by the grievances in the mouth, so that the pedestrians would pay attention and give alms.

This kind of practice is considered to be extremely sloppy and is ignored by others.


The practice of obsessing the patrol is to grab the chopsticks with your hands and do the same as the unmanned ones. Use chopsticks to patrol the dishes on the table. I don’t know where to chop from.

Obvious behavior is a typical lack of self-cultivation, and no one is extremely amazing.


Confused tombs This refers to the use of chopsticks in hand to hold the clams in the dish, in order to find prey, just like the tomb graves.

This kind of practice is similar to the “confused tour”, which is a lack of education and is annoying.


In tears, the beads are actually trying to resist falling when using chopsticks to bring vegetables into their dishes. They will dump the soup into other dishes or on the table.

This practice is considered to be grossly rude and equally undesirable.


Reversing the Qiankun This means that the chopsticks are used upside down when placed. This practice is very despised by people. The so-called revival is not so good, so that regardless of the face, the chopsticks are turned down. This is absolutely impossible.


It is not acceptable to use a chopstick to insert the dishes in the dish when placing the needle. This is a humiliation that is considered to be placed on the same table.

Making such a move during a meal is tantamount to the same meaning in the European public. It is not acceptable.


In the public, it is often because of the kindness to help others to eat, in order to facilitate the trouble, put a pair of chopsticks in the rice and hand it to the other party.

The person in the meeting regarded it as disrespectful, because the tradition of Beijing was only started when the dead were fragrant. If a chopstick was inserted into the rice, it was treated as if it were the same as the dead. So, put the chopsticks inThe bowl is never accepted.
Cross-crossing is often not noticed by people, and chopsticks are casually placed on the table at intervals.

This is not true. For Beijingers who think that they are playing forks at the dinner table, they are all negating others at the same table. They know that students are doing the wrong homework, and the nature of the teacher’s fork is not acceptable to others.

In addition, this practice is also disrespectful to oneself, because in the past when the lawsuit was painted, the fork was only used, which can be a denial of oneself, and this is not acceptable.

The so-called “landing horror” means to drop the chopsticks on the ground, which is a manifestation of serious rudeness.

Because the Beijingers believe that the ancestors all stayed underground and were not disturbed correctly. The chopsticks landing is equivalent to alarming the underground ancestors. This is a big filial piety, so this behavior is not allowed.

Instead, there is a law to break the law. Once the chopsticks are on the ground, it is appropriate to use the chopsticks on the ground to draw a cross on the ground according to the direction in which they are sitting.

Its direction is first and then north and south.

It means that I am not a thing, should not alarm the ancestors, and then will chopsticks, while saying that he is damn.