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Improper sleeping posture can cause dry mouth

Improper sleeping posture can cause dry mouth

After waking up, many elderly people often feel dry mouth, too many people mistakenly think that the function of salivary glands is degraded.

The old Chinese medicine health net reminds you: In fact, improper sleeping posture can easily cause dry mouth.

  When you sleep in the supine position, you can breathe with your mouth open, or you can breathe with your mouth and nose at the same time.

Experts suggest that the elderly who have this situation should not change their sleeping position and avoid lying on their backs. They should adopt the “lying like a bow” position.

The advantage of lying on the right side is that the outlet of the stomach is facing down, which helps the gastric contents to be discharged and avoids compressing the heart.

  It is believed that certain diseases can also cause older people to breathe open.

For example, the elderly with severe hysteria must breathe at the same time with mouth and nose. Patients with chronic bronchitis, hypertension, etc. often feel hypoxia when they develop symptoms, and this feeling is more obvious after falling asleep.Oxygen inhalation. People who are tired or physically weak during the daytime often have a lack of oxygen during sleep, so it is easy to breathe with their mouths open for sufficient oxygen inhalation.

Therefore, these elderly people should actively treat the primary disease and relieve the dry mouth after waking up from the “root”.

Stewed pig lungs with radish can cure asthma

Stewed pig lungs with radish can cure asthma

The specific method is as follows: Wash the pork lungs and cut into small pieces, stir-fry with lard and salt, add water, radish pieces, ginger, tangerine peel, and pepper, and simmer for 20 minutes on Wuhu, then simmer for half an hour, and eat.When the dishes are eaten.

  Expert comment: Pig lung is a bait drug, which is not contained in general Chinese medicine books, but check out Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica for medicinal records of pig lung and radish.

Pig lungs are sweet and slightly cold, can replenish the lungs, treat lung deficiency cough, and cure lung deficiency cough and blood.

Radish is spicy, sweet, and can dispel grains and neutralize phlegm, relieve phlegm, relieve cough, and cure lung dysentery.

Good recipes can be tried, there will be benefits to join.

Cherish the bad habits of teeth away from the top ten hurting teeth

Cherish the bad habits of teeth away from the top ten hurting teeth

Introduction: Many people’s teeth are beautiful when they are young, but they do not pay attention to protecting and protecting it when they grow up, it will only become the unsightly and unsightly virtue of today.

Some people feel that they are protecting it every day. Why are their teeth still not beautiful?

In fact, these are caused by bad habits.

Let’s take a look at these bad habits together.


Excessive brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush Excessive brushing with a hard toothbrush will continuously reduce the enamel above the teeth (making the teeth sensitive and cause dental caries), and easily cause gum atrophy.

Instead, you should do this, gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush, up and down, left and right, and scrub for two minutes at least twice a day.

  When you buy a toothbrush, you need to consider those that have a dense brush head and can easily rotate in your small mouth. In addition, the long, flexible handle is easier to brush the back teeth than the stiff short handle.

  Another consideration: use electric toothbrushes!

Because these can often help you to brush the more difficult parts.

Unlike regular toothbrush indexes, electric toothbrushes may help you remove more tartar and improve adult gum problems.


Incorrect toothpastes include toothpastes, especially those that are specifically designed to “remove tartar” and cause excessive tooth wear.

  Any substance that feels abrasive can erode the enamel on the surface of the teeth and cause the gums to shrink.

Fluoride is the only substance your teeth need.


Without the habit of using dental floss, the bacteria in your teeth will turn into plaque within 24 hours, and will further form dental caries and gum disease.

Therefore, flossing once a day is very important for cleaning your mouth.


Excessive carbonated beverages, whether used as a daily or habitual diet, contain phosphoric acid, which can erode teeth inside.

  If you like carbonated drinks very much, then use a straw. It can reduce the contact between the drink and your teeth. Remember, it is best to brush your teeth immediately after drinking.


The enamel on the teeth left behind by food is like a sponge.

Stains on cups or plates (such as coffee, tea, cola, salad dressing, soy sauce, red wine) will slowly darken and yellowen the teeth.

  Ask your dentist about the following methods, laser whitening, bleaching or ProphyPower.

This is a new method that you can do at home or in the office. Use baking soda (a mild whitening agent) mixed with water to make a spray that can remove plaque without harming the tooth enamel.

  If you want to use whitening toothpaste, you have to consider that although they brighten the teeth for a certain length, they may make your enamel rough.


Keep eating snacks Every time you eat something, especially sugary or starchy foods, the bacteria that normally live in your mouth produce acid to digest food.

But these acids can touch your teeth and even erode them.

  Eating raw, hard fruits and vegetables (some apples and carrots) while eating will help.

Many dental experts use this type of food as a natural toothbrush because of their cleaning effect on plaque.

  Chewing sugar-free gum after eating can help prevent the formation of dental caries by increasing the flow of saliva in the mouth and flushing away the bacteria that cause dental caries.

  Look for chewing gums whose sweetener is xylitol.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis have found that chewing gum containing natural sweeteners can temporarily inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause oral problems.


Use your teeth as a tool. Use your teeth to tear apart the potato chip packaging, unbutton it, and your teeth will crack, break, damage the internal materials of the teeth, and function of the teeth.

  Teeth need your care.
In addition, these behaviors are also dangerous: chewing ice cubes, popsicles just taken out of the refrigerator, and very hard candy.

Ignoring dental problems Gingival bleeding and chronic bad breath are signs of gum disease.

  To remove chronic bad breath, you need to add enough water to keep your mouth moist (water and saliva can help control bacterial growth); you can also use a tongue scraper to remove excess bacteria.

  To stop bleeding gums, brush your teeth and floss daily.

If your symptoms continue, you really need to ask your dentist for help.


You may be familiar with the idea of washing your teeth twice a year without going to the dentist, but this is a questionable suggestion.

  We now know that some people do need to see a dentist every three months to control gum disease.

So, do an individual test of your mouth.


Looking through your lips No matter how healthy your teeth are, if it is cracked lips outside, your smile will not be bright.

  The lips are much thinner than the skin on other parts of the body. With the increase of age, the water on the lips is easily lost, which is affected and changed by the environment.

  What you need to do is to stick to a lip balm every day and it will help you keep your lips soft and smooth.

This kind of element is called cardiovascular guardian. If the body is lacking, three highs will come!

This kind of element is called “cardiovascular guardian”. If the body is lacking, “three highs” will come!

Although the ratio of calcium deficiency is not so common, the appearance of magnesium deficiency is not so common, and it seems that magnesium deficiency does not cause any serious consequences, but through our understanding of the role of magnesium, we find that it has cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.A lot of beneficial effects, magnesium supplementation has been increasingly valued.

Moreover, the relationship between magnesium and the onset of hypertension is becoming more and more clear, and people have begun to pay attention to the role of magnesium supplementation in preventing hypertension.

Clinically, we have found that areas with low magnesium content in high blood pressure, high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease incidence and mortality are more than those with high magnesium content. Obviously, magnesium has obvious protection for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Role, so, in order to prevent high blood pressure, we can not only be satisfied with no shortage of magnesium, but also to add more magnesium.

Have you ever thought about why coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood fat, myocardial infarction, diabetes and other diseases are mostly caused by people after middle age?

The research indicators of medical experts are: These diseases are related to the decrease of magnesium content in the body. They found that patients who died due to diseases such as myocardial infarction have much more magnesium in their bodies than normal people, and because of this, magnesium isKnown as the “Cardiovascular Guardian.”

As one of the essential elements of the human body, magnesium plays a very important role in the movement of human body. The reason why people live is dependent on the complex and complex biochemical reactions in the human body to maintain life activities, and the catalysis of these biochemical reactions requiresThousands of enzymes (biocatalysts).

Foreign scientists have found that magnesium can activate 325 enzyme systems, and magnesium is called “activator of life activity”. It is well-deserved. Moreover, magnesium has an important protective effect on human blood vessels. If the body is deficient in magnesium, it will lead toHeart skipping, arrhythmia, and various health problems such as myocardial necrosis and calcification.

Therefore, in order to prevent high blood pressure, in addition to pay attention to work and rest, avoid excessive tension, reasonable sleep, control sodium intake, eat more potassium-containing foods, you can also eat more magnesium-containing foods.

Nutritionalists recommend vitamin magnesium foods. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that children need 250 mg per day?
300 mg, about 450 mg for puberty, 350 mg for adult males, 300 mg for adult women, 450 mg for pregnant women and menstruating women, and about 500 mg for the elderly.

Many foods may be magnesium, so in the case of normal food absorption, there is generally no problem of magnesium deficiency.

However, the problem is that after exercise and high temperature conditions, especially long-term, high-intensity exercise, it will consume a lot of magnesium in the body, so that the magnesium in the serum is significantly reduced, the activity of the muscles is reduced, and even convulsions and convulsions may occur.

This shows that we are already seriously deficient in magnesium.

The foods recommended by nutritionists for arsenic and other nutrients are: cereals: such as soba noodles, millet, corn, sorghum noodles, etc.

Beans and soy products: such as soybeans, black beans, broad beans, peas, kidney beans, tofu, etc.

Vegetables and fruits, dried fruits: such as snow, leeks, mustard, dried mushrooms, carambola, longan, peanuts, walnuts, etc.

Seafood: such as shrimp, seaweed: especially seaweed, it has the highest magnesium content, containing 460 mg of magnesium per 100 grams of seaweed, known as the “treasure of magnesium.”

The foods introduced to you above can help us to supplement more magnesium. You don’t have to put them on the protagonist on the table, but you can deliberately take some more to ensure that the magnesium is adequately supplemented.

Selected content from the article “If the doctor had high blood pressure” Author: Wang Yong; SONG Lei; ZOU Yu Po click on the title below, to read more articles and health: a thousand years of heritage kidney UFA party, CCTV topics recommended by Sun Simiao!

Adult Internet addiction is a worldwide problem

Adult “Internet addiction” is a worldwide problem

The phone rang in the middle of the night, and his son was caught stealing a car. No one can have such humiliation.

In yesterday’s event, parents were sad when talking about the examples of stealing and robbing because they didn’t have the money to surf the Internet.
Kobayashi was in fifth grade.
But to steal money, I stole bicycles several times.
On one occasion, Kobayashi did not return for two days and one night, and his parents searched around the residence, but still could not find it.
The sad parents had just returned home and the phone rang. It was called by the security guard-“Your child has stolen a bicycle and we have been caught.
Kobayashi’s stealing of a bicycle almost became a habit.
He steals classmates at school, and neighbors at home.
As long as money comes, no matter what.
Once again, he stole his neighbor’s bicycle, and the neighbor chased the door to ask his parents. The parents felt embarrassed.
Looking around for his son, he finally got the car back before he sold it.
“You said how can I not be sad!
“Mr. Kobayashi drew him over a leash for this purpose, pumping him with blood.
If you fight too much, the child will start to fight back and fight again in the future. The two of you will hit you with one punch.
“Now, as soon as he returns and loses his schoolbag every day, he runs away. When I chase it out, the shadow is gone.”
  Ten-year-olds began to lose hair. Feifei has been away from home for several days since Sunday.
Until his parents came to the newspaper to collect tickets for Tao Hong’s report, Feifei still had no news.
“We have cut off his financial resources. After going out for so many days, I guess he may have been stealing or robbing.
“Feifei’s father said helplessly.
This is not the first time that Feifei has run away from home, and it may not be the last time.
However, there is still one month left and Feifei will take the entrance exam!
Dad couldn’t help thinking about it. He always wanted to buy a chain and lock his son!
Feifei’s mother was furious at the thought.
For her child, she didn’t go to work after her child went to school, and devoted herself to teaching her husband at home.
However, the thick stacks of awards that Feifei obtained before are still useless now!
I came to the newspaper yesterday and there are many parents of the candidates for the college entrance examination and the high school entrance examination.
Parents of other families are thinking about how to add nutrition to their children and how to keep their children healthy, and their children can’t even find the shadow.
Ms. Chen talked about her son, who was about to take the college entrance examination, and was sad, depressed, and sad.
“In the second mock exam, Xiao Ning was on the mock score line within a few minutes, and he could go to college with no effort.
But now, in the middle of the night, he sneaks out and surfs the Internet. When he gets to school, he sleeps on the table.
“Thinking of my son, being a mother is really awesome.
Last week, Xiaoning went out on time every day to go to school, turned around and went to the Internet cafe.
As a result, the school teacher thought he was at home, and his family thought he was at school.
Xiaoning originally attended junior high school in a very good school in Nanning and had a good grade.
However, since falling in love with the Internet, academic performance has declined day by day.
In order to keep her son, Ms. Chen picked up and dropped off every day. “People are so old, but we pick him up more frequently than in kindergarten.
But what’s the use, he just slipped out of school and couldn’t reach it. ”
When Xiaoning graduated from junior high school, his class was the class with the most important students in the school. Not only did Xiaoning fail to pass the exam, he also suffered from 600-degree myopia for a long time on the Internet.Appears gray hair and even hair loss!  ”I die or he dies” “Play him upside down”, this is the title of a junior high school article.

In the article, he has counted the benefits of surfing the Internet. For example, he can learn to do business in a virtual mall, he can meet many friends, he can improve his language skills, learn to cooperate and cooperate in games, and so on.

The child “played with him upside down”, the life of the whole family has also undergone “upside down” changes.

Starting from the second semester of the second day of the second semester, the spirit of children who are crazy about going online has become rampant. As soon as the parents’ meeting is held in school, the mother is always the one who is criticized.

My mother asked the teacher to encourage her child. The teacher was helpless: “I couldn’t find anything worthy of praise.

“Compared to Lin Qiang, a senior in high school, this parent is lucky.

Because of Lin Qiang’s obsession, Lin Qiang’s mother’s spirit has almost collapsed.

Lin Qiang was a sensible and obedient child. Since his parents were busy in business, he lived with his grandfather and grandmother since he was a child.

Because of the supervision of his parents, his grandfather and grandma loved Lin Qiang too much. The clever Lin Qiang learned to surf the Internet 3 years ago. Since then, he has completely changed. He is completely grumpy and his academic performance has plummeted.

In order to escape the blame of his parents, Lin Qiang, who has experienced all kinds of “benefits” of the Internet, began to play with the idea of the Internet. After completing the final exam with a score of more than 300 points, he reprinted it on the Internet and turned it into his parents’ hands.
Now Lin Qiang is learning the “guddle boy” who often goes in and out of Internet cafes. He even keeps his long hair and dyes his hair yellow.

Playing online games, engaging in online dating, watching yellow discs, and browsing yellow websites have become the main content of his life.

His parents beat him, he was unmoved.

Now, father no longer wants to see him again.

During the Spring Festival this year, I saw that Lin Qiang often stayed online all night without going home. The heartache mother repeatedly tried to persuade him not to listen and picked up a fruit knife to commit suicide. Fortunately, Lin Qiang’s aunt stopped him in time.

Later, his mother thought of buying rat poison to resent her.

After being persuaded, the mother finally said, “I die or he dies!”

“Several suicide attempts, the mother smashed everything in Lin Qiang’s room and vented.

Seeing his mother mad for him, Lin Qiang did not feel guilty at all, but instead scolded his mother for being “nervous.”

  My father threw the computer from the fifth floor. It didn’t take long for the hotline to open yesterday morning. A mother named Huang used a crying voice on the phone and repeatedly said, “You need to help me and save my son.

“Although she and the reporter booked two tickets for the report, she was not sure if she could let her son listen to it with her.

Ms. Huang told reporters that her son Shengsheng is a junior sophomore.

In order to keep the children away from the Internet, the couple did not know how much it took.

At first, his parents persuaded him to hit him without hearing, and he was beaten more than victory without even a little fear, instead he played the game even harder.

Therefore, the parents had to reluctantly agree that he would go online every night until two in the morning.

One night, because Shengsheng was too addicted to playing games, exceeding the time prescribed by his parents, his father unplugged the computer line and fell off the fifth floor.

The beloved computer was smashed. Since then, Shengsheng has seen a little more hatred in his father’s eyes.

In the future, as long as his father hits him again, he will definitely fight back.

As his body became stronger and stronger, his father was no longer his opponent.

His father couldn’t beat him, and he lost his computer. Shengsheng began to scold his parents every day, but the helpless parents had to buy him a new computer.

Ms. Huang was distressed and found a way to communicate with her child. She wanted to know what the child thought.

When she called the reporter, she cried and blamed herself more, regretting that she should not often scold and scold her children since she was a child, she should give them more care.

(The names of teenagers in the text are renamed)

Basketball explosiveness-training helps you lead away

Basketball explosiveness-training helps you “lead away”

Core Tip: Among the factors of explosive power, power plays a leading role, so the growth of power helps the development of explosive power.
But power is not equal to explosive power.
That is to say, it is not possible to use technology well in actual combat.
So don’t remind everyone not to blindly train strength, the combination of speed and strength is explosive power.
  Every time I watch an NBA game, I feel refreshed every time.
I envy them for getting rid of gravity, doing various dodge moves in the air, and then throwing or slamming the ball into the hoop. Each of these moves makes me burst out of blood.Fan.
But I also know that in addition to basketball talent accidents, these professional athletes pay more sweat.
Today, I will talk with you about some training methods for explosive power and bouncing power that are worth learning. I hope everyone can get rid of the bondage of the earth and fly lightly after practice.
  Among the factors of explosive power, power plays a leading role, so the increase of power contributes to the development of explosive power.
But power is not equal to explosive power.
That is to say, it is not possible to use technology well in actual combat.
So don’t remind everyone not to blindly train strength, the combination of speed and strength is explosive power.
Leapfrogging: This is one of the most commonly used and effective methods. Of course, this is an item that you must do if you don’t have good training equipment.
Leapfrog can not only increase the strength of the thigh, but also has a good effect on the calf muscle group and the ankle joint.
  Action essentials: Put your hands behind your back, your legs open to the same width as your shoulders, squat completely, your heels off the ground, and then adjust to jump forward with maximum strength and fastest speed.
Jump around the court 1-3 times as a group, a total of 2 groups.
  PS: Before each jump, you must adjust your breathing and body posture to ensure that you jump out at the fastest speed every time.
Weight-bearing squat + abdomen jump Action essentials: Remember to do what you can when carrying a weight-bearing squat. Someone needs to be protected on the side. The knee cannot exceed the toes when squatting.
After squatting, you will then abdomen jump, and try to press your thigh against your chest every time you jump.
There are 3-5 groups of squats and abdomen jumps, each group is 15-20.
Quick and continuous high: With the rebound as the goal, maintain the fastest rhythm, and try to increase the number of jumps within the specified time.
Remember, every jump is a full effort.
Toe Jump: Raise your toes to the highest point, and jump quickly with your toes. The jump must not exceed 1.
5 or 2.
Jumping across the steps: Find a chair and put one foot up at 90 degrees.
Jump as far as you can, change your feet in the air, put the original feet back on the chair, and complete another jump.

How mature is love, and is it best to get married?

How mature is love, and is it best to get married?

Love is an inexplicable thing. Some people use it for a few hours, but some people use it for a lifetime. High-efficiency love leads to flash marriage, but long love ends up being split. So, how mature is love and how is marriage the most suitable?

  The love of 20-year-old love is instantly hot, and the love of the eternal greedy little rabbit, a 23-year-old woman, is my heart-beating heartbeat when I look at each other, and my heart when I look away.

We don’t care about each other’s identity, level, and love can make happiness eternal. Although everyone has only known each other for 78 days, but the communication of our hearts has made our love deeper than gold and deeper than the sea.

  Therefore, we went to get the marriage certificate on the 79th day, because we believe that love can be instantly hot, even if only 10% of the temperature, can also warm each other’s lives, and can overcome all the difficulties and dangers in future life.

  When we got married, most of the parents, relatives and friends of both sides strongly opposed it. Basically, no one supported us, and they almost thought we were hot-headed.

My mother said, where did anyone register to get married in two months and they did n’t have a deep understanding of each other, how could they get married?

  But we just feel that it is a natural thing to do, and we must get married.

In fact, neither of us is a casual person, but I felt trust and reliance at the moment of electric light flint. It really looks like it was written in a book. You waited for me for hundreds of years. I finally met you in reincarnation.It doesn’t seem to matter much.

He is a friend of a friend of mine. We met each other on the killing game, and it seemed as if there was a thin string of rope pulling it. At first sight, the rapid heat of emotions made me dizzy.

Of course, I haven’t thought about material life and marriage trivia, but am I not in love?

Even if we don’t know much about it, as long as there is love, the moment is eternity.

  Love is as long as we want, as long as we are willing to be in love with my girlfriend, cat, 25-year-old Mingyue Tianya for more than a year, she was an intern at the beginning of last year, came to our company, and then we met and fell in love.

Cats are naive and simple.

When she called me for the first time and asked me to go to their school to help her move the dormitory, she stammered and didn’t dare to speak, and helped her finish the dormitory.When her hands touched, her face brushed red.

She graduated in July last year. Her parents wanted her to return to work. In order to keep her in Beijing, I made a special trip to Hunan and went to her house. I vowed to her parents and vowed to take good care of cats.Marry her when conditions are better, and do not abandon her.

Later, the two old men gave me cats with tears, and from then on, cats and I have lived together in Beijing for a year.

  Over the past year, Cat and I have gone through a lot of job hunting, renting a house, arguing, and crying together, but we have finally passed the stage of ignorance of love, and reached the intermediate stage of love, our love is becomingA habit, a relationship.

A few days ago, Cat Cat’s 23rd birthday, her parents called from Hunan and said that we were all old enough. When we got married, I was very embarrassed instead of material conditions.

In the evening, when the cat was going to get married, the cat also said that as long as we love each other, there is no difference in when to get the paper.

Yeah, as long as we are willing, we can love as long as we can. Now, without our own house and no savings to hold a wedding, how can we get married?

Or wait until the conditions are ripe before considering it.

  Comment on 20-year-old love passionate, can disregard love for love, or despise marriage for love, so for 20-year-olds, love can be married as soon as mature, just as long as each other is happy.

In 20-year-old eyes, the sky is always blue, the wind is always mild, and the rain is always delicate.

20-year-olds thought that fish and birds could love each other, but never thought about where they should build their nests; 20-year-olds thought that ice and fire could meet, but ignored how long they last.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acute Nephritis

Traditional Chinese medicine for acute nephritis

Acute nephritis with edema and oliguria can be treated with diuretic swelling food.

Diet side: 1.

The red beans are boiled and boiled softly.

15 times daily?
30 grams, until healed.


250 grams of carp and 30 grams of red beans are cooked together.

Take 2 doses, you can take it continuously.


Corn beard, melon peel, red bean, each amount, cook soup for tea, continue to take.


Lychee grass and plantain are each 50 grams, add 500 ml decoction.

Add 10 ml of white honey when taking, 3 times a day.


Corn beard, fresh white grass root 50 grams each, decoction for tea.

3 daily?
5 times.


500 grams of winter melon, 30 grams of red beans, add water to cook the soup, season with or without salt.

Eat melon and drink soup 2 times a day.


Chen Gourd Powder 10?
15 grams, 50 grams of rice previously, moderate amount of rock sugar.

First put the previous rice and rock sugar into the casserole, add 500 ml of water, and cook until the rice blooms, add the gourd powder, and cook for a while, the consistency of the porridge is thick.

Take 2 times daily 8.

90 grams of mung beans, 6 grams of cooked with slices of boiling juice, drink on an empty stomach.

2 times a day.
Suitable for patients with acute nephritis.


500g each of sugarcane and lotus root. After drinking the juice, take 3 servings. It is effective for those with frequent urination, urgency and hematuria.


500 grams of cabbage and 60 grams of barley.

Rice porridge, add chopped and washed cabbage, boil two or three boil, until the cabbage is ready to cook, do not cook for a long time.

Eat less or no salt, twice daily.

Applicable to those with acute nephritis with edema and oliguria.


Fresh plantain 30?
60 grams, light green 1 stem, previous rice 50?
100 g.
Wash the plantain leaves, chop them, boil them with the onion and remove the residue, then add the previous rice to make porridge.

Take 2 daily?
3 times, 5?
7th is a course of treatment.

Applicable to those with acute nephritis who have difficulty urinating, hematuria, and edema.

  12 grams of Epsom powder, 50 grams of previous rice.

First add 500ml of porridge with water to the rice. After the rice has bloomed, add Zexie powder, and use a gentle heat to boil for a few times.

Take it 2 times a day, warm.

3 days is a course of treatment.

It should not be taken for a long time, but can be taken intermittently.


Fish 1?
2 sticks, glutinous rice 30?
45 grams.

Boil porridge with glutinous rice and anchovies without salt.

Cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine

Cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine

“Looking at the tongue” is an important part of the TCM diagnosis. The doctor hopes to see the true tongue coating and tongue color of the patient.

  ”Look”: Don’t apply lipstick and don’t scratch the tongue. “Look at the diagnosis” is mainly for doctors to obtain diagnosis-related information through vision. Covering their appearance consciously or unconsciously will affect the result of the doctor’s diagnosis and lead to misdiagnosis.

The current makeup art is easy to be false, such as a yellowish complexion that is originally a manifestation of spleen deficiency. After the facial makeup, the ruddy complexion may make the doctor unable to make a correct diagnosis; the lipstick causes a patient with pale lips due to yang deficiency to become bloodReconciled “ordinary people”.

Don’t put on make-up before seeing a doctor. Letting the doctor see a real you helps the diagnosis.

  ”Looking at the tongue” is an important part of the TCM diagnosis. The doctor hopes to see the true tongue coating and tongue color of the patient.

Some patients desperately scrape their tongue with a toothbrush when they brush their teeth in the morning, in order to show the doctor a beautiful tongue, but it is precisely because this makes the disease incomprehensible and inaccurate.

Different colors of tongue coating represent different symptoms. For example, yellow tongue coating is a hot syndrome, and gray tongue coating is a cold syndrome. If a patient drinks a can of orange juice or espresso before seeing the disease, the tongue coating is yellow or gray-black.Misdiagnosis of cold or cold syndromes may occur.

  In addition, when looking at the tongue, there are often some patients who stretch their tongues long and pointed, so that the doctor can see more comprehensively. His tongue, which knows no matter what color (tongue color), stretches too tightly and too sharpIt becomes a red tongue like a hot card.

When you extend your tongue, you should relax. Naturally, the tongue surface is fully expanded, and the tongue length can be replaced outside the mouth.

Colostrum cannot be a staple food for babies directly

Colostrum cannot be a staple food for babies directly

[Introduction]For any nutrition product, there is a scientific “eating method”. A reasonable eating method can make the body absorb twice as much as it can, and vice versa.

Colostrum products are the same.

  Edible Tip 1: As a complementary food and milk powder, the most common colostrum products on the market are pure colostrum powder and colostrum powder, which can be eaten by adults and children and easily digested and absorbed by the digestive tract.

As a complementary food and ordinary milk powder, it is the most reasonable “role positioning” of colostrum. It can integrate the effect of nutrition and immune substance superposition, and make the effect of active ingredients in colostrum easier to play.

Therefore, experts remind parents that colostrum cannot be used directly as a baby’s staple food, and should be added to breast milk or infant formula.

Edible Tip 2: According to the instructions, the content of different colostrum products is different, and the amount of colostrum products suitable for people of different ages is not the same.

For babies and toddlers whose immunity is improving, the content of immunoglobulin in colostrum products is not constantly better. As for how much to consume, the packaging of qualified products has been explained in detail.

Eaters should read it carefully first.