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In an interview, the question of departure can be answered like this

In an interview, the question of departure can be answered like this

Growth rate of coincidence rate of personnel and posts: the first case is that the skills required by the company and the skills I have are at an intersection, and the intersection is small, then both employers and employees may not be cost-effective at this time; the second case is my skillsIt is a subset of the skills required by the company or the skills required by the company are a subset of my personal skills. At this time, one of the employer and the employee will not be cost-effective.

This kind of cooperation that cannot achieve a win-win situation between labor and management will not last long, that is, it will be phased.

  The life cycle of the job has arrived: part of the job in the company is designed to cooperate with the company to complete the periodic tasks, not unique, so when the task is completed and I find a suitable job, I have to leave.

  No sense of accomplishment: When I have tried everything I can to change the current environment, situation, ideas, etc., I will leave because I have nothing to break through.

(This answer method must have follow-up supplementary instructions, otherwise the examiner will think you are incompetent.) The company’s development is slow: When I stay in the company for a period of time, the company’s slow development prevents me from absorbing new nutrients or gaining developmentWhen I get the chance, I choose to leave.

(Involving mentality, assessment and loyalty issues).

  Personal growth issues: When I am in a position where the horizontal and relative development space is not large, I will leave due to difficulty in breaking through.

(Involving mentality and loyalty).

  Career planning issues: When my personal career plan cannot be achieved in the enterprise, I will choose to leave (beware the examiner will consider you a variable).

  Idea question: When my idea breaks with the corporate idea, and I can’t effectively integrate, I will choose to leave (it is too dangerous to answer in this way, unless you let the examiner feel that you are unhealthy in a business management concept.Work in an enterprise where your philosophy is correct, otherwise it is better not to use it).

  The issue of the employment mechanism: In addition to a small band, the employment mechanism of the emperor and courtier of the dynasty made it clear that the employment must be matched and complemented.

The change of my principal and the change of me does not mean that I have any problems. It just means that I am not the best partner with the new principal. I cannot accompany the effective formation of matching and complementary combinations that are beneficial to the enterprise.Happening).

  Sometimes it is enough to answer in one of the ways, and sometimes it is necessary to use several combinations of answers at the same time, but no matter how you answer, there may be a certain risk, because the examiner is about to follow up, so you must also be prepared to benefit you at the time.Of course, this explanation is not limited to this question, but can penetrate into the entire interview process.

This requires job seekers to “grab the questions”, think about the answers before the interview, and put in place a response strategy.

Measure your interpersonal maturity

Measure your interpersonal maturity

When buying clothes, what do you use as the main basis for your choice?

  A brand.

  B is popular.

  C color.

  D style.

  E price.

  Analysis of results: A brand.

Basically, you can be regarded as a mature person. Although your ability and performance are not ideal in some aspects, you can still work hard to make progress toward the goal, but you may think that you are a mature person, but sometimes you accidentallySmall movements still show a feeling of childishness, so it is easy to be labeled as childish and childish.

  B is popular.
You are a typical example of inadequate effort. You are not yet a mature person. Your psychological maturity is still in its infancy. If you actively cultivate from now on, you will definitely make a difference in the future.

  C color.
You have a mature, charming breath all over your body, but you cannot say that you are fully mature, because you are still easy to use for temporary feelings.

  D style.
You are a mature person in your mind. You are full of energy and confidence every day, and at the same time, you are trusted by your friends. The only drawback is that you have a slightly serious attitude towards daily life and even life.

  E price.
At first glance, it seems that your behavior exudes a mature atmosphere in your actions, but in fact, you are a person who relies heavily on others. You have no way to recognize yourself and position yourself. It is completelyFor those who have not declared, I suggest you express your opinions.

Does drinking lemonade really whiten every day?


Does drinking lemonade really whiten every day?

We all know that the vitamin C content of lemons is very high, and the taste of lemons is sour and sweet, especially suitable for summer, so many summer drinks contain lemons.

Some people say that drinking with lemonade can whiten, so many women drink lemonade every day, but is this true or false?

Some people are also very confused, let’s introduce the effect of lemonade below.

  Lemonade Lemon is a nutritious fruit that is good for vitamin C. It is generally used as a beauty food.

Lemon is durable and easy to preserve. It is rich in vitamin C, which can prevent gum swelling and bleeding, and even reduce the occurrence of dark spots and freckles.

The whitening function of lemon can not be underestimated. Drinking lemonade often has an amazing effect.

  Lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired effect, it is best to squeeze the juice from the skin to be the most nutritious.

Beauty experts abroad call lemon a beauty fruit, and believe that lemon juice can cleanse and beauty, prevent and eliminate the deposition of skin pigments (that is, remove spots), and make the skin light and delicate.

  Recommend a method of homemade lemonade: wrap a fresh lemon in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator. When you want to drink, cut a few slices into a cup, put an appropriate amount of sugar or honey, use a spoon or something to slice the lemon Crush the flesh and stir, then pour water.

Wait 10-15 minutes.

Remember: I need to change a few new lemon slices every day, otherwise I will always taste those unsavoury ones.

  Of course, there are pros and cons to everything, and no matter how good you use it, there are complications. The same goes for all five flavors.

Sour lemons hurt the stomach and easily affected digestive function.

There is acid into the liver, it is not appropriate to eat in spring, summer and autumn are more effective.

  Through the introduction in the article, we can know that insisting on drinking lemonade every day can tandem the role of whitening and beauty.

Because the content of vitamin c in lemon water is very high, vitamin C can maintain the elasticity of the skin, increase the skin’s gloss, and at the same time, it can resist aging and oxidation.

In addition, the calcium in lemon peel can also play a role in removing stains and whitening.

Watch out for some food that steals sleep

Watch out for some food that steals sleep

Hearty dinner.

Aunt Gao’s food will prolong his digestive time in the stomach, which will cause her to fall asleep at night.

For dinner, eat less and lighter. It is best to choose low-fat but protein-containing foods such as fish, chicken or lean meat.

  Caffeinated drink or food.

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, makes your heart beat faster, and your blood pressure rises.

Some people who are sensitive to caffeine, even if they drink a cup of hot cocoa in the afternoon, break, making us sleepless at midnight.

In addition, the diuretic effect of caffeine will also make you frequently get up at night, affecting the quality of sleep.

  Little wine.

Have a drink before going to bed, you may wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning, and you will never be able to fall asleep again.

Alcohol does have a certain sedative effect at first, but after a few hours, the sedative effect will gradually disappear, and the excitatory effect will begin to appear.

In addition, the sedative strength will also be stimulated at the same time, so that people wake up early.

Some studies have pointed out that some people who have the habit of living alcohol will spend a lot of time in bed, but the quality of sleep is poor.

  Gas producing food.

This kind of food swells the gastrointestinal tract, feels uncomfortable, and can’t sleep.

So eat less gas-producing food for dinner, including: beans, onions, potatoes, corn, bananas, citrus fruits, sorbitol-added drinks, etc.

Chinese medicine stops the pulse of women with premature aging

Chinese medicine stops the pulse of women with premature aging

Recessive menopause occurs before the onset of true menopause. It is characterized by abnormal autonomic nerve function and is a signal of premature aging in middle-aged women.

  Mr. Xu, who is a normal teacher, has just been in the middle of his unbelievable years, but recently, he always feels tired, often irritable and insomnia, and has dry skin, yellow hair, and menstrual disorders.Appeared in advance, Mr. Xu’s normal life and work level were completely disrupted.

  A survey result from authoritative departments shows that about 30% of middle-aged women aged 30-40 have symptoms of early menopause with varying degrees of reflection, and medically implicit menopause.

Recessive menopause occurs before the onset of true menopause. It is characterized by abnormal autonomic nerve function and is a signal of premature aging in middle-aged women.
  Due to premature ovarian failure, hormonal imbalance, or excessive psychological stress in middle-aged women, autonomic nervous system disorders can easily occur.

According to reports, foreign research results in medical psychology have confirmed that 65% -90% of diseases suffered by middle-aged women are approximately related to psychological depression.

Middle-aged women are relatively weak in their psychological adjustment ability. Stress from work and living environment often leads them to worry about depression and depression. In the long run, it will interfere with their autonomic nerve function and premature aging such as recessive menopause.symptom.

In addition, some gynecological diseases will also reduce the ovarian function of middle-aged women, low levels of hormone secretion or sudden disappearance, thereby leading to menopause.

  The premature aging of middle-aged women is:-often very irritable, lack of concentration, loss of appetite, and extreme fatigue; 身体 the face is obviously “old”, the complexion is dark, pigmentation appears, and it is difficult to cover even with expensive foreign cosmetics; hairWithered, split ends, and the amount of hair loss during shampooing or combing significantly increased; long-term use of hydrating cosmetics, but can not inhibit the dryness and roughness of the skin, the skin gradually lose luster and elasticity; poor sleep, often when you want to sleepI ca n’t sleep, but I ca n’t wake up when I wake up, and drink coffee and smoke; Dry eyes, tears as soon as the computer is turned on, and cannot work properly; Almost lost resistance to disease, often headaches, fever, etc.Cold symptoms.

  The causes of premature aging in middle-aged women are: free radical theory, cell forward theory, protein exchange theory, and many other medical theories.

If we understand it from a physiological point of view, there are many factors triggering the indicators of premature aging in middle-aged women-fast-paced mental factors, high-stress modern urban life, so competition in all aspects is becoming increasingly fierce, and coupled with the age of women in lifeEventful, so it is easy to cause chaos in her autonomic nervous system, leading to the occurrence of premature aging; physiological factors of endocrine disorders in middle-aged women, estrogen reduction or intermittent or even endocrine disruptions; nutritional factorsWeight loss, inadequate conversion of nutritional supplements, and uneven nutrient accumulation; Necessary and frequent physical sports, especially for teachers and urban white-collar workers, are prone to premature aging of the cervical spine and individual organs; 不 Dietary factors are irregular in daily life and dietScience, like to eat too much junk food; disease factors due to the reduction of the immune system’s disease resistance, middle-aged women are susceptible to various diseases, leading to the formation of premature aging.

  Experts remind that premature aging in middle-aged women is a dangerous signal threatening physical health.

All middle-aged women who have symptoms of premature aging should see a doctor as early as possible to find the cause early and detect it early to prevent it from happening.

Middle-aged women, especially middle-aged female intellectuals, must undergo a comprehensive medical check-up at least once a year to avoid risk of illness.

  In addition to insisting on regular moderate exercise and a regular life, middle-aged women must pay attention to a balanced diet, scientifically arrange their daily diet, and properly supplement some foods with anti-aging effects. Moderate supplementation of iron, protein and vitamins can be effective.Resists premature aging.

  Iron supplements include edible animal livers, lean meat, soybeans, eggs, fish, shrimp, laver, kelp, red dates, black fungus and other iron-rich foods.

  Protein supplements should ensure regular drinking of milk, more soy products, and one egg per day (but not too much).

  Vitamin supplements Foods containing more vitamin A include fish, shellfish and egg yolks; foods containing more vitamin C are various fruits and vegetables; foods containing more vitamin E are nuts and sweet potatoes.

  Middle-aged women who have been born must also take calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

  Royal jelly can stimulate the pituitary gland and adrenal glands, promote oxygen supply and blood circulation of human tissues, and proper consumption can prevent premature aging.

  Radish can enhance the function of phagocytic cells of human macrophages.

Mushrooms and sesame are all natural and ideal anti-aging foods.

  In addition, middle-aged women must pay special attention to the hazards of constipation on their own health, which will not only cause mild toxemia symptoms, which will lead to anemia and malnutrition.

For this reason, increasing the intake of plasma fiber is sufficient to effectively regulate constipation, and also has the effects of detoxification, lowering blood lipids, and preventing obesity.

Wheat bran, celery, beans, potatoes, leeks, garlic seedlings, lettuce, apples, pears, etc. all contain ideal substitution fibers.

  The theory of traditional Chinese medicine in the motherland has always proved the role of dietary therapy. The prevention of premature aging in middle-aged women does not prevent the beginning of dietary therapy-grapes, apple porridge, grapes 100 grams, carrots 100 grams, cabbage 150 grams, apples 150 grams, honey amount, 100 grams of rice before.

Chop grapes, carrots, apples, and cabbage into a paste, add water, and filter with gauze to retain the juice.

Previously, rice porridge was cooked with honey and fruit juice.

  Indications: infirmity.

  1 pheasant chicken with lemon juice, 2 lemons, sugar, sesame oil, salt and MSG.

After slaughtering the young chicken, remove the hair and internal organs, wash and cut into pieces, put oil in the pot, and fry the chicken pieces until golden brown, add half a bowl of water; then add the lemon juice with sugar, sesame oil, and salt into the pot.You can simmer for half an hour.

Dip in lemon juice when eating.

  Indications: Premature aging.

  Ganoderma stewed trotters take 15 grams of ganoderma, 1 trotter, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, spring onion, ginger slices, lard, etc.

Wash and remove the trotters, and slice the ganoderma lucidum; put the lard in the pot, add the green onion ginger and fragrant after heating, add the trotters, water, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, ganoderma, and boil over high heat.Eat until the trotters are cooked.

  Indications: Premature aging skin wrinkles.

  Pork spine porridge takes 60 grams of pork spine and 90 grams of rice.

Wash the pork first, cut it into pieces, stir-fry it with sesame oil, add water, cook porridge with rice, add salt and pepper when it is cooked, and cook until 1-2 boiled.  Indications: Dry skin and disgraceful hair.

  Take 15 grams of Tremella fuciformis, 10 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of chicken liver, 10 grams of jasmine, proper seasoning, 100 grams of rice.

Tear the white fungus hair roll into small pieces, cut the chicken liver into thin slices, cook rice porridge, add wolfberry when the porridge is ripe, continue cooking until it is cooked, and then add the seasoning and jasmine.

Take it once a day.

  Indications: Colorless.

  For fruit porridge, take 100 grams of oranges, 100 grams of apples, 100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of cucumber, 30 grams of honey, and 100 grams of rice.

Peel the oranges, apples, and carrots, chop them, and chop them into fine mud. After adding water, filter with gauze, take the juice, add the initial rice to make porridge, add honey when it is ripe, and eat it once a day.

  Indications: Face loss due to physical weakness.

  The teacher mentioned at the beginning of this article, under the guidance of a traditional Chinese medicine nutritionist, adopted diet therapy to effectively suppress the symptoms of premature aging after shifting treatment, and rejuvenated the youthful vitality.

Psychological analysis of internet porn addicts

Psychological analysis of internet porn addicts

Internet porn addiction is to meet those unsatisfactory sexual needs in the daily life, and those who have other aspects of addiction in life are more likely to stop it, and middle age is the main age group that is easy to close.

  American psychologists point out that the number of Internet porn addiction in the United States is currently increasing, and computers have become 21st-century “sex toys”, which will explode at any time like mines, destroying people’s private lives and even work.

  According to American psychologist Jim Bury-Junger, more and more people in her Internet addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania seek to heal the Internet pornography habit, and many of them are lawyersDoctor, CEO or government official, Younger pointed out: “These are those who worship in church on time on Sunday.

“According to a recent national survey, at least 200,000 people in the United States are now addicted to online pornography, and they have reached the point of addiction.

A few years ago, online porn hadn’t browsed some erotic photos on the website, and now there are countless porn chat rooms, which provide real-time sexual partners for people who are addicted here, and can display virtual sexual partner bodies, here alsoThere are contents such as live sex on the Internet.

  According to psychologist Younger, it is easy for people to fall into the trap of online pornography, and it is difficult to overcome addiction, Yanke said: “Online porn addiction is like cocaine use.

“At present, 10% of people who engage in online sex are not sexually addicts, even 20% are addicted to pornography because of the Internet, and the other 70% are” entertainment “users.Boy “online version or something.

  Psychologists do not define addiction according to the time spent on the computer. Addiction refers to the inability to control their addiction, which affects their personal life and work.

Internet porn addiction is to meet those unsatisfactory sexual needs in the daily life, and those who have other aspects of addiction in life are more likely to stop it, and middle age is the main age group that is easy to close.

  In addition, it is not all men who are addicted to internet porn, and women who are bored or dissatisfied with their lives are also prone to addiction to internet porn.

Male addiction is mainly reflected in the visual aspect, looking for pornographic sites to browse pornographic pictures, while women mainly go to pornographic chat rooms to meet their communication needs.

10 recommendations for effective cancer prevention

10 recommendations for effective cancer prevention

10 recommendations for effective cancer prevention In the next 16 years, the incidence of cancer can be reduced by half.

But how do you use scientific methods to prevent cancer now?

See what the medical experts have to offer.


The proportion of men who exercise the most and do not like sports every day, the male with the best physical fitness may be 68% lower in lung cancer and 38% lower in colorectal cancer.

Even if people are suffering from cancer, if they can stick to the good habit of exercising regularly, their living conditions will improve.

Aerobic exercise and anti-resistance training help control inflammation and hormone levels, as well as enhance the immune system’s ability to fight against invading cancer cells.


Those who do not eat fried foods once a week can eat a lot of Neil, French fries, fried chicken, fried fish or doughnuts, the risk of prostate cancer is 37% higher.

This is because the edible oil forms a carcinogenic compound in the food when heated to a high temperature.


Drinking pomegranate juice pomegranate juice can interfere with the growth of antibiotic cells.

In addition, previous studies have shown that pomegranate juice can delay prostate progression in mice and result in stable prostate cancer antigen levels in men undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

Drink 454 grams of pomegranate juice a day, and the polyphenols, isoflavones and precipitated acid that it causes can synergize against cancer.


Do cancer screening If you can detect a cancer by screening, and you meet the conditions, please do a timely screening.

If every person over the age of 50 regularly screens for colon cancer, the number of deaths from this disease can be reduced by 60%.

Colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, insulin pill cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer can all be detected by screening.


Treating blueberries as a snack to eat a compound called red sandalwood that is replaced by blueberry can significantly reduce the interconnected precancerous lesions; if the cancer is not involved in the control, it may lead to colon cancer.

Eat 1 cup of half a blueberry a day, add it to the porridge, or eat fresh blueberries, or use it as a raw material for the milkshake.


The risk of kidney cancer in people who eat a lot of dietary fiber and the least amount of supplemental fiber, and absorb a lot of replacement fiber in the diet (about the equivalent of 17 grams of replacement fiber per kilocalorie transition)Will be 17% lower.

This is because plasma fibers prevent the toxins that cause cancer from moving from the small intestine to the kidneys.


Trying to stop the ratio of snoring and sleeping sweet people, people with severe sleep apnea syndrome may die nearly five times more often than the former.

This is because sleep apnea causes a decrease in the oxygen content of the blood, causing existing small tumors to grow new blood vessels, allowing them to get fuel to be transformed through the blood and spread more quickly.


Multiracial has 9 per year.

More than 2 million cancer causes can be attributed to sitting for too long.

Even people who exercise regularly face this risk; the prevention method is to set an alarm for the phone, and stand up for 1-2 minutes every hour.

This is because it helps to help reduce the amount of molecules in the body that are associated with cancer risk.


The proportion of people who took 1000 IU of vitamin D per day in the diet compared with those who took placebo decreased the risk of cancer by 77% in more than four years.

Vitamin D can also be obtained from salmon, sardines and mushrooms.


Eat nuts to eat 3 Brazilian nuts a day because it provides selenium that is good for human health.

There is a correlation between this number and a 48% reduction in the incidence of advanced prostate cancer.

Respiratory diseases caused by fitness

Respiratory diseases caused by fitness

When I was in school, I lived at 3:00 in the dormitory, classrooms, and cafeteria. Every day after work, I was a unit. At 2:00 in the house, Miss Guo felt that life was very boring. The whole person became dull and inactive, and the body becameMuch weaker.

The thoughtful husband gave her a fitness card, hoping that she could make friends through fitness and escape from the depressed life and depression, while also exercising.

  However, she went ill after going to the gym before.

My throat was uncomfortable, and later I had a cold and back pain.

  ”Fully enclosed, poor air quality and sweating against cold air conditioning are the main culprits of improper fitness and getting sick.

“Yu Hongtao, Chief Physician of the Respiratory Department of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, said,” Working out in a gym with a central air conditioner may not hurt the body much, but you must exercise caution in the gym without a central air conditioner.Air conditioning blows vigorously, because after the exercise, the blood vessels on the skin surface expand, pores open, and the lactic acid secreted by the muscles increases. After the body is exposed to the wind, it is easy to cause muscle soreness.

“” The purpose of fitness exercises was to make the body sweat, but too low indoor temperature caused the athletes to sweat less, resulting in clogged pores and colds.

Yu Hongtao said, “If the gym space is relatively closed, small and crowded, sweat and microorganisms on the surface of the human body will be corresponding. Bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in the air will easily cause sore throat, bronchitis and other respiratory tracts.disease.

“Because you consume a lot of energy during fitness, you need to breathe a lot of fresh air and emit a lot of carbon dioxide at the same time.

Especially when working out in the gym, without good ventilation and convection devices, the exhaust gas will continue to circulate in a limited space, which is not good for exercisers who do aerobic exercises.

During exercise, the indoor temperature should not be too low, it should be controlled at about 26 months.

Professionals are advised to drink 2 liters of plain water daily

Professionals are advised to drink 2 liters of plain water daily

The 29-year-old Xiao Zhou has been in good health, but recently he has always had headaches and backaches.

Yesterday morning, the doctor checked the cause of the disease and surprised him: there was less water.


hzh{display:none;}  夏日炎炎,专家建议说,大家每天至少喝2升水、小便不少于5次,才能更健康。Evening reporter Wu Yongbang often had headaches and backaches. He did not like drinking water. Yesterday morning, at the People’s Hospital of Huiji District, 29-year-old Zhou Yongjun was surprised when he got a doctor’s medical certificate.

He did not expect that his headache and back pain for the past six months were caused by his unwillingness to drink water.

  He could not drink two glasses of water a week, and he had already suffered from chronic chronic dehydration and chronic fatigue syndrome.

“I have always been in good health, and when I was in college, I was still the main team.

“Xiao Zhou is a white-collar worker at an electric power company. He introduced that he could not catch a cold twice a year, but this year, he often has headaches and backaches.

Doctor Zhang from the hospital conducted a comprehensive examination and introduced that he had neither neurasthenia nor any problems with his kidneys.

The real culprit is that he rarely drinks water.

  Xiao Zhou admits that he has not been interested in fresh and tasteless water.

Really thirsty, he had some fruit and a bottle of cola.

Doctor Zhang warned him that the important role of clear water is that no beverage can replace it.

All physiological activities of the human body require the support of water, and the elimination of toxins is inseparable from water.

  Doctor Zhang told him that 75% of the body’s upper body weight is supported by the water stored in the foramen of the intervertebral disc.

He does not like to drink water all day, which can easily cause chronic dehydration, which can lead to headaches, back pain, low back pain and mild general pain and discomfort.

After adequately replenishing body water, many people’s chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, headache, migraine, neck pain, muscle pain, joint pain and other symptoms can be alleviated.

  In addition, some foods and medicines we eat usually contain harmful ingredients, which are filtered out by the kidneys before being excreted in the form of urine.

  Once dehydrated, these wastes may accumulate in the kidneys, ranging from stones to severe ones that affect renal function.

Decreased water in the blood will greatly increase the possibility of thrombosis.

Office workers are advised to drink 2 liters of boiled water every day, said Ke Qiguangfu of Zhengzhou University School of Medicine, which has entered the hottest period in summer.

  For “workers” like Xiao Zhou, although there is less physical activity, the air-conditioned room is dry and hydration is more important.

It is best to use 2 liters (4 kg) of boiled water, purified water, mineral water, and fresh tea every day, but do not use carbonated drinks, fruit juice, etc. instead.

Probably, how much water you drink can refer to your weight.

  Each kilogram of body weight can correspond to 30 milliliters of water.

If it weighs 60 kilograms, it is better to add 1 every day.

8 liters of water.

Get up early every day and drink a glass of plain water is good.

In addition, you ca n’t wait until you are thirsty. When thirst signals appear, the body ‘s water shortage is already serious.

Drink 300 ml of water for 5 hours.

Do you lack water?

Can you self-test whether your body is dehydrated?

  According to Ke Qiguang, we can self-test based on two indicators: one is to urinate more than 5 times a day.

Urine volume is one of the important indicators to judge the lack of water.

  Adults generally have to drain 1,400 every day?
1500 ml of urine.
Pee 5 a day?
7 times before the body is fully hydrated.

The second is to see the color of urine.
If your urine is dark, drink plenty of water.

Normal urination should be pale yellow, clear and transparent.

How should low back pain be relieved?

How should low back pain be relieved?

In daily life, almost all activities require the participation of waist and hips to complete. Therefore, low back pain is one of the common diseases of office workers, especially at the end of time, the waist muscles pass through a long continuous “battle”,Reached the limit of exhaustion.

  Experts say that low back pain is caused by imbalance of muscle movements in daily life, so strength training, decomposition exercises and correcting incorrect posture are the best ways to prevent low back pain.

  The following set of waist and hip exercises can strengthen weak muscles and contract muscles that are too tight. If you suffer from low back pain, don’t block it.

  Lie on your back with your hips bent about 45 degrees, knees bent about 90 degrees, your feet flat on the ground, your arms crossed on your chest (or behind your head), and your lower jaw slightly closed.

Then exhale slowly roll up the body until the scapula leaves the ground, but the waist must be close to the ground, and then inhale to restore.

This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles.

  ■ Prone support Prone position, support your body with your elbows bent, keep your head, shoulders, and arms in a straight line, and keep this position for 5-10 seconds.

Gradually extended to 1 minute later.

This exercise strengthens the abdominal, back and gluteal muscles.

  ■ The dead ends of the flexed body deadlift feet are as wide as the shoulders, and the chest and waist are upright. Hold a water bottle in each hand on the front side of the thigh. Inhale and slowly bend down until the water bottle is as close as possible to the foot.Tighten the lower back muscles.

This exercise can strengthen the waist and hip muscles.

  ■ Contract the lumbosacral lunge and kneel, with the forelimbs flat on the mat, the hips on the hind legs, and the hips straight.

Then slowly tilt the upper limbs forward until the muscles in the back of the legs have a slackness, hold for 15-30 seconds, and then change legs.

  ■ Contract the erector spinae muscles and sit on the pad with the knees bent and the legs extended open.

Then the upper body slowly leans forward until the hip muscles have a pull feeling, hold for 15-30 seconds.

  ■ Contract the hamstring muscles while sitting on the pad, keeping the hips straight, with the knees of one leg straight, and the knees of the other leg bent.

Then slowly tilt your upper body forward until the thigh muscles of the thighs that are straightened have a slackness, hold for 15-30 seconds, and then change legs.

  The above action is best done 3-4 times a week, 3-4 groups each time, each group repeats 10 times.

When doing contraction exercises, continue for 15-30 seconds while feeling the muscles tighten without causing pain.