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Snoring often goes to sleep

Snoring often goes to sleep

Snoring, also known as snoring.

Because many people doze off after falling asleep, many people don’t care.

In the past, some people thought that snoring meant that the person slept soundly, and the sound of the snoring sounded more sleepy. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Doctors said that snoring is mostly caused by diseases, and it is easy to cause other diseases, the harm can not be underestimated, can be described as the enemy of health, causing significant.

  It is advisable to do snoring first. Sleeping occasionally. Slight and even snoring is a simple snoring. It is mostly caused by fatigue, incorrect posture and too much sleep.

However, if snoring resumes during sleep at night with intermittent snores, and you wake up the next day feeling tired and sleepy, you should suspect sleep apnea syndrome.

Doctors say that simple snoring is not a problem, but if snoring is accompanied by hypoxia and apnea, it should be recognized and go to the hospital for sleep monitoring.

  Sleep monitoring refers to sleeping in the hospital for one night, and using the instrument to monitor the snoring sleep at night.

The most important thing is to observe whether snorers are experiencing hypoxia at night and whether the degree of apnea is high, including indicators such as EEG, electrocardiogram, oral and nasal airflow, and blood oxygen saturation during sleep.Sleep analysis report.

  If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea syndrome, you must not think that the disease is not cured or need to be ignored and should be improved and controlled in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

Otherwise, snoring can easily cause sleep apnea to form hypoxemia, which can easily induce cardiovascular problems, especially high blood pressure the next day, and increase the risk of stroke.

  The causes of snoring need to be comprehensively considered. The cause of snoring is actually not only the sleep apnea syndrome, but also whether the snorer is obese, whether there is diabetes, coronary heart disease and other diseases, and whether the nasal throat causes respiratory tract.Narrowness, etc., can be determined by comprehensive consideration of various aspects to determine the root cause of snoring and the treatment of the disease.

  Among them, the conditions of the two ends of the respiratory tract are various, and common diseases include respiratory slackness of the throat, hypertrophy of the tonsils, and excessive uvula.

The collapse of the upper airway caused by the contraction of the laryngeal tissue becomes more and more thin, and when the airflow passes through it, a vortex is generated and vibrates, and a snoring sound is also generated.

  In addition, diseases in the nose area can also cause abnormal breathing and cause snoring, such as sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal septum deflection, turbinate hypertrophy, and nasal polyps. The increased damage to the nose during breathing can easily cause insufficient air intake.Normal gas exchange was not possible in the nasal cavity, and snoring sounds appeared.

  Therefore, those with long-term snoring should go to the hospital, and then go through the ENT, respiratory, and sleep monitoring to determine whether to intervene and how to improve the snoring situation.

If it is a nasal polyp disease, such as bilateral nasal polyps, surgical resection is required. Those with a slight deviated nasal septum can choose the lateral orientation according to the direction of the nasal bridge. In severe cases, surgical correction is required to eliminate respiratory complications.

  Frequent snoring will not affect people’s sleep quality. In the event of hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease and other diseases, severe cases may even suddenly die suddenly.

Li Yan especially reminded that early complications of sleep apnea syndrome have obvious symptoms of elevated blood pressure, and you must not think that your blood pressure is normal and ignore the problem of snoring.

Go to the hospital for an early check-up, find out that you are snoring caused by factors, and intervene early and treat symptomatically.

The more the brain is used, the healthier it becomes

The more the brain is used, the healthier it becomes

Your work during your spare time may affect your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

A new study speculates that those who are habitually involved in stimulating mental activity may be less likely to suffer from a diseased physical disorder during middle age.

  Previous research has also suggested that people who use their brains may protect themselves against Alzheimer’s disease.

For example, people with more education and advanced occupations are generally less likely to develop the disease.

However, previous research cannot clearly tell people who this is in personal intellectual activity or whether it exists in related other factors including higher social and economic benefits.

In order to avoid these complex factors, the neuroscientist Robert Friedlander of WesternReserve University and his colleagues in the case of Cleveland in the United States and their colleagues turned their attention to the matter of someone scheduling.

They undoubtedly, leisure hobbies can provide a comprehensive way of activities independent of social and economic factors.

  Researchers surveyed 193 Alzheimer’s patients and 358 healthy volunteers to learn about their rehabilitation activities during their 20s and 60s.

Questionnaires for Alzheimer’s patients were completed by their agents-their spouses or close relatives.

The survey included 26 activities divided into three groups: sports activities, passive recreational activities similar to watching TV, and intellectual activities including reading and playing games around the family.

Researchers reported in the March 13 issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that, in classification with Alzheimer’s patients, personnel in the health group participated in more activities in the catalog.

People in the health group spent more time on military intelligence: an average of 12 hours per month.

Friedland said Alzheimer’s patients prefer to watch TV.

  One explanation, says neuroscientist David Bennett, director of Chicago’s Alzheimer’s Center for Alzheimer’s Disease, is that early immobility during middle age is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

He believes that using the brain more and staying busy can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive declines.

“If this is indeed the case, this discovery will have great application in public health and public policy,” Bennett said.

“The next battle will be to encourage people to turn off the TV and start their brains.

Five bad postures hit the figure curve

Five bad postures hit the figure curve

Women’s usual posture also has an impact on breast cancer.

What specific postures hurt our breasts?


Humpbacks are often humpbacked, and for a long time, oppression of dark tissue will affect the health of dark colors.

Therefore, we should keep our heads up.


Due to the tight working rhythm, bending down often leads to involuntary collapse, which increases the burden on the lumbar spine, hinders blood circulation, and affects the development of the pectoral muscles.

So often straight up, leaning against the wall for a few minutes when tired, will make you feel better.


Many women often place their arms around their chests, which can increase the burden on their chests.

You should relax and lay your hands naturally on your legs, and often stretch your legs to help improve your chest shape.


When ambush women are at their desks, if they ignore the health of their breasts, many people will experience symptoms such as breast tightness, tingling, sour chest and back muscles, and other uncomfortable underarm discomforts. These symptoms are getting worse and they are harmful to the breast healthVery large, so it must be prevented in a timely manner.


Sleep on your stomach as little as possible. It is best to adopt a posture of lying on your back and leaning to the right, otherwise it will seriously compress the tibia and make the breasts sag and sag.

The pineapple diet has many uses

The pineapple diet has many uses

1. Treat bronchitis.

hzh {display: none; }  用料 菠萝肉120克,蜂蜜30克  方法水煎后服用,每日2次。
  2. Ingredients for the treatment of ulcers: pineapple 1 method, peeled and cut into small pieces, 3 times a day.

  3. There are 1 pineapple and 2 oranges for treating indigestion. Peel the pineapple and cut into small pieces to squeeze the juice. After peeling the oranges, squeeze the juice and mix the two juices before use.

20 ml per second, 2 times a day.

  4, 30 grams of pineapple leaves for enteritis and diarrhea.

 Methods Take decoction twice daily.
  5. 60 grams of pineapple meat and 30 grams of fresh radish root for glomerulonephritis.

Methods Decoction of offspring with tea.

  6, the treatment of heat stroke annoying drink pineapple 1 method of peeling directly after eating raw or squeezed juice.

  7, pineapple method for the treatment of diabetic thirst After the pineapple is juiced, it is served with cold water and replaced with tea.

For diabetic thirst, cloudy urine is effective.

  8. Fresh pineapple is used to treat heatstroke syncope. One method is to peel the pineapple, mash it into a pulp, and take it freely.

Warm stomach food supplement ginger rice can improve stomach cold symptoms

Warm stomach food supplement ginger rice can improve stomach cold symptoms

Stomach-warming dessert: Mango, coconut milk and black glutinous rice are especially warm. The sweetness and deliciousness of mango is sandwiched with rich coconut aroma. It is eaten with black glutinous rice that can keep blood and warm the stomach. It has toughness and good taste.

  Material: mango kernel, mango meat, black glutinous rice, coconut milk. Method: Because the mango meat is relatively humid and poisonous, you can use the mango kernel to dry the boiled water before cooking this sugar water. Remove the core and add the black glutinous rice., Put mango meat, and finally add coconut juice, so that it is more healthy and beneficial.

This dessert is both nutritious and beautiful.

  Stomach-warming rice: The easiest way to treat baby’s cold stomach with ginger-flavored rice is to add a piece of ginger every day when cooking. Unconsciously, the ordinary white rice has a stomach-warming effect, which makes it easy for the baby to eat a warm stomachYour body is warm.

  Ingredients: rice, ginger Method: Wash the rice first, cut the ginger into thin slices and put them in the washed rice.

Just cook as usual.

Homemade honey mask makes you worry about supplements_1

Homemade honey mask to make you worry about supplements

Recently, CCTV exposed the problem of adding fluorescent agents, preservatives, hormones, etc. to the circle of friends mask, which made people sigh.

In fact, it is not just Sanwu products in the circle of friends. Many well-known brand facial masks also have these problems. This makes the beauty people feel embarrassed. It was originally for beauty, but now it has become “disfigured.”

  Honey contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Chinese medicine believes that honey has the effects of tonic, moisturize, analgesic, and detoxification. Its sweet taste is loved by people.

Everyone knows that the consumption of honey can supplement the skin and the skin. In fact, external application of honey can also beautify the skin. Today Lulu teaches you a few homemade honey masks, so that you can separate the chemical preparations and apply the mask, and you can wrap it in honey.The aroma.

  1, honey + water with honey plus 2?
After 3 times water replacement, apply it daily to transform the skin to be smooth and tender.

  2, honey + eggs + olive oil and 100 grams of olive oil, stir the eggs, slowly add to olive oil or sesame oil, and then add 2-3 drops of perfume, mix thoroughly and store in the refrigerator.

When using, reduce the mixture on the skin (except eyes, nose, mouth), wash it with warm water after 10 minutes, and do it twice a month (more effect is better), it can make the face tender and youthful.

  3, honey + apple + milk fat Boil the apple, mash it, add honey and milk fat, make an emollient mask cream to apply to the face, and make your skin clean like jade.

  4, honey + egg white honey 50 grams, one egg white, two of which are even and even, brush with dry soft brush on the face before going to bed, slowly massage, after about 30 minutes of natural air-drying, wash off with water.2 times a week.

Can reduce wrinkles and tighten skin.

  5, honey + glycerin + water + flour 1 part honey, 1 part glycerin, 3 parts water, 1 part flour, mix well to make a facial cream, apply it on the face for 20 minutes, and wash it off with water.Dry wilted skin.

It can make the skin tender and smooth, remove wrinkles and melasma, and can treat boils and acne.

  6, 1 spoon of honey + royal jelly + egg white + pollen honey, 1 spoon of fresh royal jelly, 1 egg white, add an appropriate amount of pollen and water to make a paste, apply to the face, wash with warm water after 30 minutes; then use fresh royal jelly 1Glycerin and glycerin are evenly applied on the face, once a week.

It is especially effective for removing dark spots and acne on the face.

  7, honey + milk powder + egg white honey 1 spoon, 1 milk powder, 1 egg white, mix well to make a mask, apply a thin layer on top with a cotton swab, and wash it off with warm water after 20 minutes.

Continuous use for one month.

It has a significant effect on dry skin. Use honey and vinegar each?
2 tablespoons, warm water, 2 servings per day?
3 times, take on time.

Long-term adherence can make rough skin tender and moist.

Be wary of the six kinds of strange sounds from the body!

Be wary of the six kinds of strange sounds from the body!

When the body makes a sound, it may be a signal emitted by a disease. It is necessary to judge different diseases according to different sounds, pay more attention to small physical details and do a good job of coping.

  Be wary of the six kinds of strange sounds from the body, which are the warning sounds of disease!

  1, snoring at night, as long as it is at night, snoring and accompanied by large gasps, nightmares at night, sweating after waking up, this is actually sleep apnea, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, when apnea during sleepIt will increase the risk of stroke and diabetes.

  2. The whistle sound of the nose will cause the whistle sound of the nose when the nasal congestion occurs. The problem can be effectively alleviated by blowing the nose or steroid nasal spray.

If the nose sound is caused by facial injury or too hard to dig the nostrils, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, it may be a perforated nasal septum, and it must be treated by surgery.

  3. The ears are ringing or buzzing. In fact, there are mutant mosquitoes in the ears, which are mainly from the brain. They are false signals emitted by the brain, and may be the inner ear has been injured.

For long-term crowds in noisy environments, try to wear earplugs.

If tinnitus persists and occurs on one side of the ear, then treatment in time may be an infection of the inner ear.

  4. There is a clicking sound in the mandible. There is a popping sound or a clicking sound in the mandible, which indicates that the fractured mandibular joint is dislocated.

If the jawbone is stiff, can’t open the mouth normally or interfere with eating, it should be treated in time.

If it is nocturnal bruxism, it will also cause joints to wear and cause pain.

  5, stomach pain and grunting gastrointestinal tract peristalsis caused by too fast or too slow, may also be caused by severe intestinal obstruction, must be treated by surgery.

  6, joint ring joints are mainly affected by muscles, ligaments and fasciitis. The fluid contained in the joint cavity has a lubricating effect. When the joints are moved, the gas will be squeezed out of the fluid and a sound will be emitted.

If the joints are always flexed and stretched, it always sounds popping, suggesting bursitis, tenosynovitis, or meniscus damage.

  Warm reminder when the above several sounds appear in the body, it is necessary to be vigilant. Choose a distance hospital for treatment. You cannot blindly listen to small remedies. You must not be greedy in summer. Protect multiple joints and mucous membranes. Pay more attention to rest and avoid overlying your body.Tired, pay attention to work and rest.

Belly dance jumps out of sexy hips

Belly dance jumps out of sexy hips

The beautiful buttocks of the famous Latin singer Shakira is probably no match.

From behind her-she can polish her slim but perfectly curvy figure even through clothes.

Whenever and wherever you watch Shakira’s performance, you will definitely enjoy her wonderful belly dance performance.

  In front of Shakira, belly dancing became popular in gyms, home fitness tapes, and even some schools.

For a woman like Shakira who loves dancing but doesn’t really like fitness, dancing belly dance is indeed the most ideal way to exercise.

Shakira’s signature performance, belly dance, allowed her to maintain her figure and graceful elbow curve.

  Do you also desire to have that perfect curve?

Why not try a belly dance.

Do 8 to 15 exercises in each group and 2 to 3 exercises at least 2 or 3 times a week.


Keep your feet apart, with your hands in front.


Take a big step back with your right leg, bend your knees until your right leg is parallel to the ground, and your left leg is perpendicular to your right leg. Hold it for a while, replace your right leg, and exchange your legs to perform the above action.

Turn on Skin Monitor to see fine-grained killers

Turn on Skin Monitor to see fine-grained killers

With the aging of the skin, its moisturizing effect and barrier function gradually weaken, and the content of natural moisturizing factors also decreases. The physiological aging of the skin and the long-term contraction of the eye muscles will be greatly accelerated by long-term dryness and lack of waterThe production of skin and the lack of sebaceous glands around the eyes make dryness the most easily encountered problem, which is why the fine lines are the first reason to patronize the eyes.
  Let’s take a look at how fine lines are generated?
Dry and cold climate, sun, high humidity, low humidity and other factors.
Environmental and chemical factors, such as detergents, soaps, detergents and other organic solvents such as alcohol, and long-term air-conditioning environments.
Eating and sleeping habits, such as partial food, drinking less water, insomnia, etc.
Dry skin, or physical aging of the skin, and long-term contraction of eye muscles.
Occupation: Frequent exposure to grease, chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as PCBs) due to work.
Usually the corners of the eyes are dry, and there is no texture when the eyes are not used. It is enough to use eye cream with moisturizing function to deal with dry lines.
  But don’t underestimate fine lines, “fine lines” are also very cunning, there are real and fake fine lines.
So, how to distinguish true and false fine lines?
  Pseudo fine lines  Population: 17-25 years old Symptoms: fine lines around the eyes and mouth corners Causes: Mainly caused by expressions, skin dehydration, irregular life, and insufficient sleep.
Reflected on the face are the fine lines, which can solve skin problems with hydration because of the dry fine lines.
  People with fine lines: from 25 years old, especially after 35 years old. Symptoms: smile lines and dry lines appear, wrinkles gradually appear.
  Reason: Fine lines are also “natural enemies” of women, but everyone can’t stop the passage of time.
Problems such as thin skin and sagging eyelids.
  In this dry and dry season, thin, sensitive skin around the eyes is prone to fine lines.
For the beauty of MM, subtle maintenance is the top priority!
Be sure to choose an eye cream that works for you!
  Sensitive Skin Care Hydrating Cream RMB330 / 15ml Soothe and calm the eye skin and protect it from external stimuli.
It can be used safely around the skin and absorbs quickly and effectively.
Ophthalmologist tests to reduce eye puffiness, dark circles and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Strengthens the eye’s fragile skin resistance.
Soothes, soothes eye skin and protects it from external irritation.
It can be safely used around the eyes and absorbs quickly and effectively.
  FREEDAY Skin明媚紧致眼霜 RMB150/30g  精选多种天然植物萃取精华,特别添加了抗衰老及保湿效果显著的辅酶Q10成分,有效紧致眼周肌肤,减轻黑眼圈、眼袋,淡化眼周肌肤黑色素Calm.
Using immune-activating bioactive technology, the nutrients in the eye cream penetrate into the skin of the eye, start the regeneration of human cells, stimulate the skin to produce interleukins, and cell promoting factors and epidermal cell growth factor (EGF) significantly improve blood microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue around the eye.
  OPAL Balanced Hydrating Eye Cream RMB150 / 20g A new type of frozen honey eye cream, which makes the eye skin beautiful and full of vitality.
Replenishes moisture to dry and dehydrated eye skin, improves dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and dullness.
  Body Shop Elderberry Eye Gel RMB130 / 15ml A cool astringent gel containing elderflower and witch hazel extract can make fragile eye skin fresh and refreshed.
Can tighten tired eyelids and wrinkled eyes, help reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, and make eyes full of vitality.
  Fu Lifang Si nourishing night renewing moisturizing eye cream RMB320 / 20g Contains grapefruit extract, which can improve dark circles during sleep, has a moisturizing effect on the eye mask, and the baby’s water storage fat can form a protective film on the surface of the skin and give eye elasticity.
Promote blood circulation around the eyes, focus on care for dull skin around the eyes, quickly adjust the texture, and effectively improve small fine lines.
  契尔氏(科颜氏)牛油果眼霜 RMB480/15ml   含丰富滋润的维他命A、E、及牛油果油,能为脆弱的眼部周围皮肤作出眼部修护的功能,独特的双重保湿及不移位配方,合滋养The ingredients can be adhered to the skin of the eye and will not ooze out. The skin therefore gets the maximum degree of moisture. The formula has been tested by ophthalmologists and is suitable for everyone, especially those wearing contact lenses.   Estee Lauder Condensing Eye Cream RMB480 / 15ml helps the skin around the eyes to resist dark circles, keeps the eyes always looking, and also effectively diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and moisturizes the skin.

Double the effect, resist the aging of time, and unknowingly take away your eyes, from now on, you can stop time.

Slimming Yoga Cheats

Slimming Yoga Cheats

A fast-paced lifestyle is like a double-edged sword. Although people are much enriched, their bodies are not steel, they are overworked, and their physiology can’t withstand damage.

Fashion and health have become the two most important topics for modern people. When you practice yoga, you can have both fish and bear’s paw. Both novel and great health benefits, why not?

  Speaking of yoga, many people are mysterious about this kind of fitness method from ancient India. Practitioners seek a quiet and airy place, rest cross-legged, dance gracefully and gracefully, the heart moves with the breath, and the soul is washed poetically.After doing a set of exercises, I feel refreshed and uncomfortable.

The most important thing is that it can also get rid of diseases and strengthen the body, especially for some sub-healthy people.

  Once you enter the breathing state of yoga, the thoughts in your mind disappear without a trace, the thoughts are like a warm hand, touching the meridians and joints in the body, and even the slight wind sounds, it sounds as beautiful as the sound of nature.

After practicing yoga and looking up out of the window again, the foliage was moving and the layers of the scenery came out. I felt that the world was very beautiful.

The body is full of vitality, and it is easy to cope with the daily work. After work, whether it is entertainment or charging for the cause, it is quite interesting.

  After practicing for a long time, you will be surprised to find that this soft movement (as opposed to it is movement, it is better to reverse the art more directly), alternately make your limbs healthier, your personality will be much more peaceful, and you will experience suddenThe event can be peaceful, and in addition, self-confidence will increase. When you hesitate, remember the feeling of closing your eyes to practice, and then feel that you have the ability to cope with any challenge. It seems that yoga has not made up for the willDefects, too, to call it psychic gymnastics.

  In fact, friends only need to spend a week to feel the magical effects of yoga. Traveling is a pleasure. Practicing yoga in a quiet environment is also a leisure way. It is good for your health and you can experience the distance.The ancient civilization of the country, why not try it? The driving range: just looking for a quiet place, a hut that can open the sash, a quiet office is all right, and there is no limit on age and gender.

  Time: As long as you avoid the time before and after meals, you can choose freely in the early morning at dusk or at night, sitting cross-legged on the floor mat or lying on the bed. As for the dress, loose clothes are necessary.Bands exercise with impetuous hearts, not to swing the limbs like hip-hop. Yoga is about the cultivation of the mind, and it is the essence of the exercises.

Yoga movements are difficult or easy, and postures that cannot be achieved temporarily require you to master them step by step, but your mind and breath must keep up.