taboos to pay attention to when using chopsticks

12 taboos to pay attention to when using chopsticks

Chopsticks are not shared in our daily lives. Chopsticks are used every day to eat, but do you know what to avoid when using chopsticks?


Three long and two short means that the chopsticks are placed on the table before or during the replacement.

This practice is unlucky, and we usually call it “three long and two short.”

It means “death.”

Because the Chinese used to think that after the death of a person, they had to put in the coffin. When the man was loaded, there was no cover for the coffin. The components of the coffin were two short planks on the front and back, and three long planks on the bottom and five on the bottom.The casing material of a piece of wood combined with gypsum is exactly three long and two short, so it is extremely unlucky to say that.


This method of immortal guidance is also extremely unacceptable. This method of taking chopsticks is to use the thumb and middle finger, the ring finger, the little finger to hold the chopsticks, and the index finger a few.

This is called “骂街” in the eyes of Beijingers.

Because the shape of the index finger at the time of eating is always referring to others, the Beijingers generally symbolize the index finger to refer to the other party, and most of them have the meaning of accusation.

Therefore, using fingers when eating chopsticks is tantamount to blaming others. This is the same as the deaf person and cannot be allowed.

There is also a situation that means talking to others and using chopsticks to refer to people.


It is also impossible to keep the sound of the sound. The way to do this is to put one end of the chopsticks in your mouth, use your mouth to go back and forth, and squeak from time to time.

This kind of behavior is considered to be a squatting practice.

Because the essence of using chopsticks at the time of eating is a rude behavior, coupled with the sound, is even more annoying.

Therefore, this practice is generally considered to be a global tutor, and it is not allowed.


The act of knocking down the knockout is expected to be a meal, which is done by tapping the bowl with chopsticks when separating.

Because in the past, only the rice was used to beat the rice bowl with chopsticks, and the sound it made was accompanied by the grievances in the mouth, so that the pedestrians would pay attention and give alms.

This kind of practice is considered to be extremely sloppy and is ignored by others.


The practice of obsessing the patrol is to grab the chopsticks with your hands and do the same as the unmanned ones. Use chopsticks to patrol the dishes on the table. I don’t know where to chop from.

Obvious behavior is a typical lack of self-cultivation, and no one is extremely amazing.


Confused tombs This refers to the use of chopsticks in hand to hold the clams in the dish, in order to find prey, just like the tomb graves.

This kind of practice is similar to the “confused tour”, which is a lack of education and is annoying.


In tears, the beads are actually trying to resist falling when using chopsticks to bring vegetables into their dishes. They will dump the soup into other dishes or on the table.

This practice is considered to be grossly rude and equally undesirable.


Reversing the Qiankun This means that the chopsticks are used upside down when placed. This practice is very despised by people. The so-called revival is not so good, so that regardless of the face, the chopsticks are turned down. This is absolutely impossible.


It is not acceptable to use a chopstick to insert the dishes in the dish when placing the needle. This is a humiliation that is considered to be placed on the same table.

Making such a move during a meal is tantamount to the same meaning in the European public. It is not acceptable.


In the public, it is often because of the kindness to help others to eat, in order to facilitate the trouble, put a pair of chopsticks in the rice and hand it to the other party.

The person in the meeting regarded it as disrespectful, because the tradition of Beijing was only started when the dead were fragrant. If a chopstick was inserted into the rice, it was treated as if it were the same as the dead. So, put the chopsticks inThe bowl is never accepted.
Cross-crossing is often not noticed by people, and chopsticks are casually placed on the table at intervals.

This is not true. For Beijingers who think that they are playing forks at the dinner table, they are all negating others at the same table. They know that students are doing the wrong homework, and the nature of the teacher’s fork is not acceptable to others.

In addition, this practice is also disrespectful to oneself, because in the past when the lawsuit was painted, the fork was only used, which can be a denial of oneself, and this is not acceptable.

The so-called “landing horror” means to drop the chopsticks on the ground, which is a manifestation of serious rudeness.

Because the Beijingers believe that the ancestors all stayed underground and were not disturbed correctly. The chopsticks landing is equivalent to alarming the underground ancestors. This is a big filial piety, so this behavior is not allowed.

Instead, there is a law to break the law. Once the chopsticks are on the ground, it is appropriate to use the chopsticks on the ground to draw a cross on the ground according to the direction in which they are sitting.

Its direction is first and then north and south.

It means that I am not a thing, should not alarm the ancestors, and then will chopsticks, while saying that he is damn.